Top 5 Beaches in Andaman Islands For A Sun-Kissed Vacation

Top 5 Beaches in Andaman Islands For A Sun-Kissed Vacation

If you hunt for strikingly calming beaches, in Andaman islands and pretty shacks and huts are what makes Andaman unique and celebrated. This gorgeous destination is always jam-packed with tourists from around the globe. Other serene and offbeat places are ideal for an intimate, romantic getaway. If you are planning on Visiting Andaman with your friends and family, you are guaranteed to have great fun. Besides, there are numerous leisurely to thrilling activities that one could indulge themself—snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming etc.

Above all, if you are left with some more time in your hands, make your way to the elephant reserves. And shake hands with those cute little giants on your Andaman tour.

Corbyn’s Cove

Bordered by dense coconut trees, Corbyn’s cove is one of the most offbeat and unspoiled beaches of Andaman. Since it is emerging as a prime spot to experience adrenaline rushing water activities. It drives a tourist crowd from worldwide. Whether you are here with your loved one or on a romantic getaway, Corbyn’s beach has plenty of gems to offer. One can choose to take a leisurely stroll around the seaside or unwind at the beach shacks. You can also indulge in the exclusive adrenaline junkies such as a Hybrid Jet ski and speed boat. Above all, this place is heavenly for those searching for an escape out of their routine life.

Wandoor Beach

Wandoor beach in the Andaman is amongst the most serene beaches, but at the same time, it is offbeat and less crowded too. The beach is also a gateway to the popular Mahatma Gandhi National marine park–a place to witness the diverse flora and fauna. Over time Wandoor beach has attracted tourists for its picturesque location and intriguing shoreline. The atmosphere turns out appealing as soon as the sunsets. Above all, glass-bottom boating and scuba-diving are two enthralling activities that everyone should definitely indulge in. Folks here also enjoy the panoramic underwater view while snorkelling. All of these activities will together make your trip a memorable one.

Radhanagar Beach

Radha Nagar beach is another exquisite gem of Andaman. This beach is on Havelock island. The flap of azure water on the charming shorelines slowly kisses your feet while your feet are smeared in the gritty sand. Even if one is wholly mesmerized or you feel imbibed at the moment. You cannot overlook the acoustic sound of waves. And if blue water is your thing and you like to swim, this beach is highly recommend for swimming. A long search of the beach makes it easy to find quiet places for yourself.

The turquoise water, the verdant green woodland and the natural vegetation all over the beach make this place an ideal destination for a holiday with friends and family.

Elephant Beach

Elephant reserves are an undetectable part of Andman, offering an incredible white sand shoreline and gorgeous coral reefs. The Elephant beach is one of the well-famous beaches of Andaman pinn on Havelock island. The beach is adored for its pristine azure water and tropical ambience. One of the most common activities here is a leisurely stroll on the shoreline and unwind by simply laying back and letting the wind soothe you.

One of the shortest and most exciting ways to reach elephant beach is through an astounding boat ride. Besides all the leisurely chill, you can indulge in activities like snorkelling, swimming, and scuba-diving, which especially attracts thrill-seekers. It is one of the Best Beaches in the Andaman Islands.

Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar beach is an enchanting beach rooted at the scenic havelock island. This beach is popularly famous as beach no 5. The water in this beach is shallow, making it possible for everyone irrespective of whether they are a novice or a pro at swimming.

The crystal clear water of this beach makes it a picture-worthy destination where you could get yourself click and fluent on social media. The picturesque surrounding, pristine beaches, and tranquil surroundings ensure a relaxed and calm vacation here. It is one of the Best Beaches in the Andaman Islands.

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