Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations in India For Couples

Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations in India For Couples

Have you planned your honeymoon? Or while planning out every small detail of your wedding, the planning of your honeymoon has just slipped out of your mind. Marriage, a divine relation binding two souls with an eternal bond for a lifetime takes your life towards a new turn. This part of your journey to a new turn towards romance, love and bliss needs to be perfect. No worries, we have compiled a list of top honeymoon destinations in India. So get ready to create a whole lot of amazing memories which you will cherish forever.

1. Gokarna

Located in the Indian state of Karnataka Gokarna is a secluded and picturesque coastal town. This place is an important pilgrim destination for Hindus and is named after the ancient Shiva temple. Gokarna’s pristine beaches, its green hills make this place a mesmerizing honeymoon hotspot.

2. Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu, a former Portuguese colony is a Union territory of India. Colonial architecture, quaint coastlines, churches, temples and several monuments make this town a famous tourist location.

3. Shillong

Located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya. The charm of this place has earned it the title of ‘Scotland of the East. It has amazing scenic beauty and picturesque locations.

4. Auli

Situating at a massive elevation of 3049 meters above sea level, Auli is one of the most prominent skiing destinations of India. This town located in the state of Uttarakhand is surrounded by mighty peaks of the Himalayas and pine forests. The beautiful ambience of this place is perfect for romantic couples.

5. Rishikesh

This place is a perfect blend of romance and religiosity, adventure and beauty. This town is full of yoga centres, meditation training centres, quaint river banks and secluded river beaches. Rishikesh being the hub of adventure sports in India supports trekking, river rafting, hiking and so on.

6. Tarkarli

Located in the state of Maharashtra, this coastal town is very famous among tourists. Beautiful coastlines, blue waters and white sand along with views of marine creatures and water sports captivate the newlywed with their charm.

7. Jodhpur

The second metropolitan city in Rajasthan, this place has immense historical significance as it once served as the capital of the Rajput kingdom of Marwar. The town is famous for its several majestic palaces, forts, temples and lakes. Jodhpur, the city of colours can pour colours into your newly wedded life.

8. Pulicat

An ancient port town located in Tamil Nadu, Pulicat with its majestic palaces, historical museums will make you engrossed in its charm. Experience the days of British India with your loved one. Soak in a variety of cultures or just enjoy the tranquillity of the boat ride on Pulicat lake.

9. Pahalgam

The pristine white snow and cold weather will have both of you cosying up in front of the fire. Pahalgam which is located at an elevation of 2740 meters above sea level in the state of Jammu and Kashmir provides some marvellous scenic beauties. Several romantic excursions like the Kolahoi glacier, Betaab valley is the reason for its fame. Jammu and Kashmir’s undulating beauty and scenic locations have conferred this place with the name ‘paradise on earth.

10. Landsdowne

If you want to visit some offbeat hill stations for your honeymoon then you must give this place a try. Named after Lord Lansdowne, this Cantonment hill town is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level and is one of the most untouched hill towns in India.

11. Wayanad

Located in the state of Kerala Wayanad is famous for its picturesque hills, rivers, lakes and tea and coffee plantation. The romantic aura of this place will make the wedding fever last longer.

12. Cherrapunji

This place is rich in tranquillity and serenity. The beauty of this place is sure to make you skip a few heartbeats and fall in love with this place over and over again. Mawsmai waterfalls which act as a cascade amidst the greenery has a breathtaking view. Likewise, there are countless romantic spots to be explored out with your beloved here.

13. Kovalam

This place lies close to the Arabian Sea comprises many beaches. For those honeymooners looking for some relaxation and stress-free ambience this town is perfect for you to rejuvenate and revitalise yourselves as this place can offer you traditional Ayurvedic messages and royal pampering at the Ayurvedic centres.

14. Goa

Goa has always been considered one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in India. The luscious glasses of feni, eclectic nightlife, the tranquillity of sea breeze, the shores will allure you in every possible way. It is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India.

15. Andaman and Nicobar islands

Andaman is a beach paradise on earth that attracts a number f couples towards itself. The exotic variety of flora and fauna, the sea, the thick forests, the crystal clear water captivates the newlywed with their charm.

16. Araku valley

Located in the Eastern Ghats in the state of Andhra Pradesh, this picturesque hill station is famous for its coffee plantation. A honeymoon which is all about spending quality time with your partner happens when the honeymoon is to be spent in this kind of romantic place.

17. Alibaug

This picturesque seaside town is located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Famous for its forts, wineries, vineyards and beaches this place is a bit secluded and offbeat, perfect for newlywed couples. From soaking in the splendid views of the sunset with your beloved to walking in the white sand hand in hand, Alibaug is all about romance.

18. Chamba

Located on the banks of the ancient river Ravi, a tributary of the Indus River. This beautiful hill town Chamba at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas is full of romantic spots which are enough to entice the newlyweds.

19. Lonavala

Another famous hill town Lonavala is located in the heart of Western Ghats near Mumbai. The hill town is extremely famous for its scenic beauty and magnificent mountains. It is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India.

20. Lambasingi

Lambasingi is one of the most unexplored and offbeat locations of India. Popularly known as ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’ this place is one of the coldest places of south India. Lambasingi comprises mainly of pepper, coffee and tea plantation. The beauty of the place is captivating.

In India, you can have access to a multitude of choices and one tops the other in terms of beauty, adventure, romance.

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