Success Tips Given By Late. Shri APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

Success Tips Given By Late. Shri APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

Late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam sir has given some success tips which one must follow if he/she wants to grow in life. These tips are really helpful and can play a crucial role in your life. You can achieve success by following these tips and suggestions. If you remember you will always be happy and never get stress and tensions in your life. Here are tips given by Late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam sir

1. Save time for yourself

He says that you must save time for yourself. Spending some time alone can help you in many ways. It can give your brain an opportunity to reboot itself and start in a new way. It also increases concentration power and boosts up your brain. When you save time for yourself, you can hear your own voice, your own decisions and take or the solution for solving the problem more effectively. When no one disturbs you, you get a chance to think more powerfully by concentrating on a particular thing. You get tension free and just think about yourself.

Taking time for yourself is a vital thing. We often give priorities to everyone else’s needs before our own because we don’t wanna be selfish or feel guilty. But this is not healthy or beneficial. You must spend your time alone without disturbances. It reduces your stress and allows you to discover yourself. You can listen to music, can read books, you can meditate, take a relaxing bath, go to the park or have a soothing coffee in the garden. You must save time for yourself. Or us first among Success Tips Given By Late. Shri APJ Abdul Kalam Sir.

2. Speak less, listen more

He says that you must listen to everyone. You must listen and analyse everyone’s sayings and bits of advice. You should speak less as when you listen to someone you have correct words to speak. Your mind can process what the other person is saying about. You will get to all the related information and facts about the talks. When you listen more, you will only say that thing which is important to say according to the situation. It saves your time and your energy. You will not get involved in silly things. You can write things in place of speaking. Late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam sir has given some success tips in which this is also present.

It is practised things which are written lasts more than that of speaking. If you don’t know something, but listening to the person and make conclusions out of his sayings. It helps you to keep your secrets hidden. When you speak things which you don’t want to tell you’ll regret in future, but If you think correctly before spelling it will help you in future. When you listen more of a person, it is a sign that you are respecting the person. Interrupting in middle and speaking does not make s good sense. When you speak people will listen to your more precisely and carefully.

3. Live together

You must have to learn to live together. You must interact with new people and make new
relations with them. You solid not develop jealousy or live alone. If you live alone, people will start hating you or you will feel lonely as you don’t know people and people don’t know you. You must help each other irrespective of religion, caste, culture, creed or anything. You solid treat everyone as your family member and love happily. When you make bonds and live together, there is always someone to support you in your good times or in bad times.

You will feel confident as you have a big family or big support. When you live together, you have someone to listen to you or guide you. They respect you and appreciates you in your good time. They never school in you in your bad times and help you to grow more. Injecting with new persons will act as your family members to you. You can build new connections and acquire new knowledge from different people. You must learn to live together. It is one among the Success Tips Given By Late. Shri APJ Abdul Kalam Sir.

4. Listen to everyone

You must listen to everyone. You solid have a look upon there ideas, there thoughts and analyses. But you must do the thing of your own interest. Listening to others is a good thing but doing work according to them is not good. While listening you will get new ideas and new ways of doing work. If you do work according to them, it can be harmful to you in future. You must have that capability of analysing things that what is good or what is bad in the suggestions given by people.

You have better knowledge smooth your work and way of doing it. If you do what others say, it can be harmful and might give you troubles. There are some people who don’t want you to be successful or happy. They can give wiring information and force you to follow it. This will lead to your downfall. You should be that much capable of handling things easily. Just listen to others as listening is very good but take actions on the decision after analysing and thinking deeply about that.

5. Try to be happy

He told that be happy always. Try to take out the thing things from bad situations and be happy. Love every small moment of your life. Being happy will help you promote your health and keeps your body fit and fully functional always. Being happy will boost up your immune system and helps you fight with stress and tensions. Being happy will give you a good heart-healthy and may increase the longevity of your life. Being happy is the best thing. Being sad will give you tensions and you always worry about the things you are involved in giving you more and more anxiety and stress.

Be happy always. But ignoring negative things you can help you be happy. Always ignore negative people and negative things in your life. Negative people will affect your life adversely. They can demotivate you and pull you behind from path of success. Being away from negative people will help you stay happy always. Try to stay away from negative things. Be positive always and stay happy. It will really help you.

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