Saputara- Travel Guide & Amazing Places To Visit

Saputara- Travel Guide & Amazing Places To Visit

If you’re looking for a little “paradise on earth”, consider Saputara, Gujarat.

Saputara is one of the most popular hill stations in India. This town is at an altitude of 1,400 metres (4,590 feet) above sea level and has lush green forests that will make you feel like you’re stepping into a nature preserve. The hill station also happens to be one of the first eco-sensitive villages in India. There are no glass windows in any of the houses, which makes the entire experience much more delightful.

Every afternoon and evening, the villagers of Saputara take to their rooftops to spread awareness about climate change and urge citizens to begin using less energy. Every day there are at least five meetings that are attend by thousands of citizens; it’s a truly impressive sight. This community is very conscious about protecting its environment. Its simple lifestyle has helped make Saputara one of the most eco-friendly places in India; more people visit this town than most other cities combined. And you’ll feel good knowing you’re contributing to preserving the environment all while enjoying a carefree lifestyle.

Saputara Hill station

It is a peaceful hill station with beautiful verdant surroundings and dotted with lakes, waterfalls and temples.

It is on the Dang-Valsad highway amid two Sahyadri ranges (the Western Ghats and the Satpuda). The hill station also has been develop by the government of Gujarat. It is a tourist place in 1959 and finally became popular as an ideal honeymoon destination. It is also one of the first places to be declared an Eco-sensitive zone under the Gujarat Ecological Commission Act in 1984.

Government of Gujarat: The government of Gujarat has been also supporting the local tourism industry by constructing many facilities like hotels, restaurants and lodges around Saputara, Mangleshwar and Chanderi. They also have constructed many scenic picnic spots along the way. However, there are no roads to these places apart from those which are maintain by the local administration. In fact, there are very few accommodation facilities available in these areas apart from the ones provided by them or private agencies.

Saputara Hill Station Tourism

It is located at the foothills of Western Ghats. It is an adventure lover’s paradise and also an ideal place for trekking, rock climbing, hiking and bird watching. The town is also well suited for angling in local lakes, swimming in the rivers of Saputara, sightseeing of major tourist attractions ranging from temples to waterfalls to natural scenery and a lot more.

There are many picnic spots near Saputara like Chanderi (60 km from Saputara), Mangleshwar (30 km from Saputara), Gajreshwari (40 km from Saputara) etc. There are also many resorts on the hilltop and down in the valley of Saputara.

Places To Visit Near Saputara Hill Station

Artist Village

The Artist Village has located 5 km from the hill station. It has an astounding collection of vibrant modern sculptures found in the surrounding areas. The place is world-famous for the sculptures of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga made by highly renowned Indian artists.

Gira Falls

The Gira Falls is located at a distance of 10 km from Saputara. This place is famous for the hot water springs with sulphur deposits. It is also well maintained by the local administration and believed to have healing properties. In fact, one can enjoy bathing in the heated waters of this place.

Saputara Lake

Saputara Lake is located at a distance of 3 km from Saputara. It is well maintained by the local administration and considered a major source of water for drinking and farming by the local people.

Vansda National Park

The Vansda National Park is located at a distance of 45 km from Saputara. It is well maintain by the local administration and a haven for animals and birds. The park abounds with many animals like elephants, tigers, leopards and many more.  The park also has many water bodies like ponds and lakes, which add to the beauty of the place. This is one of the most famous places to visit in Saputara Hill Station.

Banni River

One can enjoy boating on the Banni River near Saputara. The river also runs through two villages called Sankheda Patan and Khetawadi located 8 km from Saputara. It is also well maintained by the local administration and is used to conduct many hydropower projects on it.

Hatgadh Fort

The Hatgadh Fort stands at a distance of 3 km from Saputara. It is a town fort build in 1814 and also has many interesting historical stories behind it.

Hatgadh Lake

Hatgadh Lake is located at a distance of 8 km from Saputara. It is well maintained by the local administration and used to contain water for irrigation purposes till the year 2004 when it was declared dry. Moreover, the lake has now been convert into an amazing picnic spot by the local administration with boating facilities on it.

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