Places To Visit In Udaipur you Must Discover Once

Places To Visit In Udaipur you Must Discover Once

Udaipur is the most romantic city in Rajasthan and also the most tourists attraction place. The city palace places to visit in Udaipur which signifies love. It also has magnificent palaces, Havelis and luxury hotels. City palace is situated at the bank of lake Pichola. This place is well known for the most famous places which are luxurious ones. This is one of the best picturesque destinations of any travel enthusiast


. The city palace is a fantastic collection that opens the pages of the amazing stories of the rise of the city. This place is considered in the most legendary places in Udaipur and is given the most valuable respect and importance. Magnification of structure, the perfect combination of Rajasthani European and Mughal architecture has been taken place here. The mesmerising layout of the city palace. The city palace places to visit in Udaipur is nearly 2 km away from the Udaipur railway station. You can reach Udaipur by railway routes and will reach in 3 to 5 min via car. Many of the people wish to have a road trip and you may wish to go to Udaipur via a road trip which is nearly 663 km away from Delhi, approx 250 km from Jodhpur and about 340 km away from Jaipur. The trip to the city palace is worthy and you will have a great trip and the best time ever there.


The monsoon palace which is also considered as Sajjan Garh palace that is a hilltop luxurious residences in the city of Udaipur Rajasthan. This palace offers the unviewed panoramic view. This is the place which beautifies the view of sunset you can visit at 5 ‘ o clock to have the awesome experience. This place is considered as one of the best places in Udaipur on the basis of the Heritage property. It is located very opportunely at the top of the hills. Sajjan Garh palace is nearly 7.9 km away from Udaipur railway station. You can reach there by local cabs, auto-rickshaw and a government-run bus to reach your destination. The city palace and monsoon palace are nearly interconnected with each other you may fall by 20 min i.e. 7.7 km away from Fateh Nagar…

thefusionfreaks monsoon palace


The freshwater lake which is in Udaipur City Rajasthan is called as lake Pichola. Udaipur nicknamed as lake city due to it’s some most famous lakes which are lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Swaroop lakes and many more. This lake is 4 km long and 3 km wide which covers the surface area of 1720 acres. The best water quality is been seen here. People often say the sunset boat ride is the best and have the most scenic way to enjoy the lake. The heart of Udaipur is only lake Pichola. The arsi Vilas and the other small islands signify the royalty of Udaipur. Let’s mention little shopaholic travellers. At this spot, there are numerous shopping destinations and markets around Lake Pichola that are loved. You can reach there by road route from Delhi…will cover 660 km. Udaipur is well connected by air, rail and roads. Lake Pichola from the station can be reached by tongas, auto-rickshaw, local buses….which are more expreciensive and suitable…

thefusionfreaks lake pichola


The place which is situated just right on the waterfront of Lake Pichola at Gangotri ghat is Baghore ki haveli. Over a hundred rooms, modern arts and displays of costumes taken place here. The haveli is immersed with glass and mirror which attracts Beauty. You may enjoy the Rajasthani folks and puppet shows at 7 pm. This haveli is well mannered, places to visit in Udaipur slightly ancient. Udaipur is a very old city and people used to enjoy the old rituals and must never use their private cars and Vehicle. Bagore ki haveli is nearly 657.7 km away from Delhi. Maharana Pratap Airport is the nearest to reach Baghore ki haveli which is 23.3 km away.



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