Places To Visit in Meghalaya in 2021

Places To Visit in Meghalaya in 2021

Meghalaya is a beautiful state of India surrounded by Bangladesh and Myanmar which has plenty of places to visit in Meghalaya. It offers a lot of natural beauty, plenty of cultures from different tribes that have been living there for centuries. And has some amazing natural scenery as well that will take your breath away. There are many amazing things to do in Meghalaya which makes it a great destination. For those looking for nature, culture, and adventure for themselves or as a family vacation.

Places to visit in Meghalaya


If you’re looking for a serene local retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life, look no further. Cherrapunji is a small town in the northeast Indian state of Meghalaya, which has been witnessing a steady rise in visitors. Who comes to this scenic tourist destination for its breathtaking waterfalls and ecology. Cherrapunji is a quiet and serene town and home to the famous Cherrapunji Waterfalls. It is an astonishing sight and a must-see for every nature lover.

Located on the foothills of the Khasi People’s Khullen Hills. Cherrapunj’s temperatures range to 30°C, which renders it a comfortable getaway from the summer heat. Besides waterfalls, the distinctive landscape of Cherrapunji also beckons travellers to Trekkers Paradise. The entire trekking route traverses through dense forests and the Himachal Pradesh state of India.

Elephant Falls Shillong

Meet the elusive elephant falls Shillong. While it might appear as though this waterfall is just a stone’s throw from the noisy bustle of the town centre. You’ll soon find out that it’s best to enjoy when you can look away from what you know. And it is fully to immerse yourself in what you don’t yet know.

Take time to learn about its history and legends or enjoy its beauty without judgment or preconceptions. And, you’ll conclude it’s best to enjoy when you can stop asking why. The waterfall got its name from the rock stone at bottom of the waterfall which is of elephant shape.


It is the capital of Meghalaya and is the largest city in North East India. It has a population of about 125,000 people. The first thing to do in Shillong is to visit the sightseeing places here, Crook’s Corner, Don Bosco Museum. The Umiam Lake or famously known as Bara Pani or big water lake. Umiam Lake also houses a water sports complex for those who are looking for some adventure on their trip.

The best place in Shillong to have your breakfast, lunch and have our dinner would be at the ‘Shillong Spice Center’. Known for its authentic dishes from North East spices. This restaurant has been serving delicious cuisine since 1921 and has been declared one of the best restaurants in Meghalaya. By the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

The Living Root bridges

Another place that must visit would be The Living Root bridges. Which is made out of rubber trees and vines by the village folks who live near Umiam Lake. The bridge is a one-mile-long bridge that was constructed in November 2010. The bridge opens up to the Lake view every half an hour a day and has a price of Rs. 100 per person.


Nartiang would be our next stop. It is famous for the longest bamboo bridge in the world, which is about 1000 meters long. It has been built across the river known as the Umngot River. The village of Nartiang also has four kilometres long walkway with hanging bridges made of bamboo, tree roots and vines. Along with an open-air museum named ‘Museum of Living Treasures’. That displays different kinds of tribal cultures like Garos, Khasis, Jaintias and many more. Talking about villages I would also recommend you to visit Mawlynnong village; this village has won the award for ‘Cleanest Village in Asia’ by BBC travel.

Mawlynnong village

This place is located in Mawlynnong village and has been the home base for the Zeme people. One of the most ancient tribes in Meghalaya. This place also has a small temple named ‘Shantidih’. It is famous for its World Heritage Monuments and was declared as such by UNESCO in 1985. Another famous sightseeing place to visit in Mawlynnong would be the ‘Puppiar Forest’.

Which is built on hill that rises up to 200 feet and has two rivers flowing through it with waterfalls. These places are part of this village which is very safe and peaceful place to spend time with your family. You can spend time here for some good rest or some sightseeing too according to me.

Laitlum Lake/Canyons

The other place that should not be missed when you travel to Meghalaya is the famous ‘Laitlum Lake’. Which is about 100 kilometres away from Mawlynnong village and about 15 kilometres away from Cherrapunji. This lake has been declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1970. And also has some amusement rides inside it such as ropeway, cable cars and gondola rides etc. This place is well-known for its breathtaking view of rolling hills and village houses that lie around it. There are many beaches in this place which you can go to and get some rest with good sightseeing.

The other place that should be explored in Shillong would be The water sports centre. Which is now a part of The Don Bosco College. It is a centre for swimming, diving and other kinds of water sports. For those who are looking to have some fun after exploring all other places in Shillong.

The other places to visit here would be:

Shillong and its surrounding places attract a large number of tourists every year. It also constitutes one of the most important tourist spots among North-East states. Most of these tourists who come to Shillong every year usually spend their vacations in ‘shopping’ malls, discos, restaurants etc. But in Meghalaya this is not the case; you can still find some of the richest tribal cultures that might be missed.

The major attractions of this place are Lagiewhiri, Riwai waterfall, Mawsmai mountain sanctuary. Lady Hydari Park, Laitlum Lake and many other beautiful waterfalls are here. There are also certain villages to visit here like Nongkhlaw village; this village has a few waterfalls near it. This village is situated along with its famous waterfall named ‘Riwai Falls’. Which has an amazing view of green mountains surrounding it.

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