Best Places To Visit in Dalhousie-For a Refreshing Break

Best Places To Visit in Dalhousie-For a Refreshing Break

Dalhousie is one of the famous hills stations you must pay a visit to in Himachal Pradesh. You will experience beautiful snowfall here and you can do many activities here and have multiple places to visit. Boasting views of Dhauladhar Takes and is one of the famous destinations of Britishers for their summer capital.

You will see Beautiful and amazing sites which will become best part of your trip and make your trip more memorable.

Places To Visit in Dalhousie


It is one of the popular pieces to visit in Dalhousie and you can do many activities here along with the Ganji Pahadi trek. You will see the beautiful waterfall at this place and witness nice weather. You can do zip lining here which is said to be the longest zip line in Himachal.


This place is also labelled as ‘Mini Switzerland’ of India. You can take a ride to khajiar from Subhash chowk like private cabs or anything else. The place is so beautiful and when you’ll visit here you’ll feel amazing and the vibes of this place are just awesome. It is also well famous for its giant nine-hole golf course. It also has a small lake which attracts more tourists towards khajiar and you can also do trekking or zorbing at the place. This place is worth visiting.

Satdhara Hills and waterfall

The places are beautifully surrounded by pine and deodar trees which are covered with snow and from the hills you can see the spectacular view of the Chamba hills. The water of this fall is so pure that it is said that it contains mica and have some medical properties that can cure several diseases. The name is this waterfall means a blend of seven streams and is like magical water.

Kalatop wildlife sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary will serve you an amazing combination of wildlife with flora along with snow-covered mountains. You’ll see a variety of flora and fauna here like Himalayan black Marten, leopard, langurs, Asian koala, khalij pleasant, jay and much more. You will see the stunning view of Pir Panjal Range and various types of vegetation like fir, blue pine and deodar. People can do trekking and hiking at this place which will amuse you to another level. You must add this place to your bucket list of places to visit.

Dainkund trek

This trek is the highest point in Dalhousie and you will see the spectacular view from here. You can also do bird watching as various types of bird are seen here.
You know this place is known as ‘Singing Hills’ as when you travel upwards you will listen to tea which makes a musical sound when wind flows. This trek is worth visiting for camping lovers as you can enjoy camping here.

Other Places To Visit

One can also pay a visit to Bakrota Hills which quite less crowded and comes in way of Khajiar and is one of the beautiful places in Dalhousie. You can also visit Chamba which is well famous for a number of things. You also must visit sach pass for picturesque views or you can visit St. Patrick’s Church if you are interested to know some history. There are a number of places you can visit too and one of them is Cheemar Lake.

The best time to visit Dalhousie is January to March when you see a lot of snow and if your are luck you’ll get a chance to see snowfall in Dalhousie. You can visit throughout the year and you’ll get to see snow in some parts of Dalhousie.

You can reach Dalhousie by Train or bus or by private vehicle. There is no railway station in Dalhousie so the nearest station would be Pathankotb and from there you can take a bus to Dalhousie and it will be a three-hour journey for you. You will see beautiful sightseeing places on your journey. We hope you enjoy your trip.

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