Most horror and scary films in the world for you.

Most horror and scary films in the world for you.

You will get to see most horror and scary films in the world ever made. These films come in the category that you cannot watch it alone. These are the scariest film ever. If you have courage you must have a look at the movie written below. These are the best and most horror and scary films ever made.

9.Train to Busan

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The movie is a South Korean thrilling horror movie with lots of action. The film is directed by Korean director Yeon Sang-ho and is released in 2016. A man named Seak-woo wanted to travel to Busan to his wife for celebrating her daughters birthday. They took the train from Seoul station with other passengers and left to Busan. A deadly incident happens on the train when a lady sitting there becomes a zombie. After some time she attacked the driver and in a few minutes, most of the people in the train were infected. The survivors get into another cabin and lock it and do not allow others to enter. They heard a piece of news that half of the piles of earth population have turned into zombies who have cravings for flesh. You will see a tough fight between zombies and the survivors. The movie is considered among the scariest films and has 7.5 IMDb ratings.

8.The Babadook

The movie is directed by Jennifer Kent who is Australian director. The movie was released in 2014 and is converted as a psychological horror film and is one of the most horror films. Amelia’s son named Samuel our Sam who has trouble in regular sleeping because of an imaginary monster in his thinking. He made weapons to fight with him and take it to school. Her mother takes him back from school and gave him a book named Babadook and after eating the book he became sure about the monster. The movie has many scary scenes and the whole story revolves about Sam and Babadook. You will see how Amelia fights for her son and many strange things will be seen. The movie has got 8.6 IMDb ratings and is the scariest film in the last 10 years.

7.The witch

It is a supernatural horror film directed by Robert Eggers and it was released in 2015. It is a story of a family who built a farm on the edge of the remote forest where no one lives. The families younger son Samuel got disappeared while playing in the farm and it is said that the witch has stolen the child for her personal use for making a flying ointment for her. The family blamed their daughter for the mishappenings occurring in their life. The girl became insane but praying all day and blaming herself for disappear of her brother. The family ghost was the main antagonist who turned into a devil. There are many scary scenes and moments which blew the mind. The movie has got 6.9 IMDb ratings and comes under the list of most horror movies in the last 10 years.


It is an American horror drama film released in 2018 which is directed and written by Ari Aster. After the death of Annie’s mother, her family began to experience some visions and incidents of supernatural power. There consists of so many twists and turns with a lot of horror scenes and moments. The grandmother makes many incidents with Charlie a young girl which she takes care. Annie’s Family have always suffered from mental illness and it is their family disease that everyone has to suffer. Her father dies of starvation and her brother committed suicide. The movie has many tragic scenes and it is difficult to explain it in words due to the tragic scenes and mysteries. You should watch it to experience the thrill and horror events. The movie has got 7.3 IMDb ratings coming in the list of the scariest movie in the last 10 years.

5.Get Out

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The movie is directed and written by American director Jordan Peele. The movie was released in 2017. When American African man named Chris Washington plans to meet her girlfriend parents. During the drive there to the parents of rose, they hit a deer by their car. The family behaves strangely which puts Chris into confusion. Chris Gaines threat little by little due to the events happening in the family. The visit to the family has turned into the terrific struggle for surviving and sanity and movie began to start the terrifying scenes as the family not resuming the same as they are in the beginning. The movie consists of many terrifying scenes and also comes in the list of most horror movies in the last 10 years. The movie has attained 7.7 IMDb ratings.

4.The Exorcists

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The film odds based on the novel of the same name “The Exorcist” and is written and directed by William Peter Blatty. The movie was released in 1973. The Catholic priest was in search of a demon in the city of hatra finds amulet Pazuzu which has a demon of ancient times. A 12-year-old girl named Regan starring in the movie of student activism plays with an Ouija board contract an unknown friend whom she calls Captain Howdy. Some days later she started behaving weirdly by exhibiting abnormal power and using a different or obscene language. Her mother hosts a party in which she behaves distinctly and something wrong happens to her. The mother consulted many doctors but nothing can stop these. The movie has some unbelievable scenes and activities which will fill you with thrill and horror. It is one of the most horror and scary films in the world films ever made. You cannot watch a movie alone. The movie has received 8.0 IMDb ratings with one of the most horror films title.

3.The Innocents

This movie is also based on a novel named “The Turn Of The Screw” published in 1898 orient by Henry James. The movie was released in 1961 which was directed by Jack Clayton. The movie is full of horror and fantasies. The story consists of a governess who takes care of two children who are orphan when their governess died who was taking care of the children before. The governed named Mrs Giddens experiences some odd powers and behaviour of the children. She’s have heard the unnatural sound of a man and women which bothered get so much. She discovered that ghost of two dead persons took place in the children’s body to exist in the surroundings. The movie has many terrific and horrifying scenes which will blow your mind. You will see the struggle of governess how she fights with the ghosts spirits alone. The movie comes in the list of 25 most horror movies ever made and has received 7.8 IMDb ratings.

2.Rosemary’s Baby

This movie is directed and written by Roman Polanski who is an American director who made this movie based on a novel of the same name whose author is Ira Levin. The movie was released in 1968. The story revolves around a Guy and Rosemary who come to live in Woodhouse on rent. Guy wants to have a baby with Rosemary but she dreams of a demon in place of Guy. In morning rosemary has a huge no off scratches on her body. Rosemary started to listen to some unnatural and writers noises and have distinct dreams. The movie has many unnatural and unbelievable scenes which words cannot describe. It is that movie which you cannot watch alone and it will scare you the most. The whole plot revolves around Rosemary’s baby. The movie has received 8.0 IMDb ratings and is one of the most horror and scary films in the world ever made in history.


The movie is presented on a novel of 1959 of the same name written by Robert Bloch. This movie was made in 1960 which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is considered as psychological horror and thrilling film. The story is of secretary Marion who steals her boss’s money and ran away to her boyfriend in California. In the middle of her route, she falls asleep after parking her car. She stays in a motel which is run by Norman and his mentally mad mother. Due to some issue, she thinks of returning the money but she was put in death but a shadow figure. The movie is full of suspense with most horror scenes and terrifying activities. You will know about the secret of Norman’s mother being psycho. The movie has many deadly scenes which we can’t describe and you have to see it is you wanna know not do not watch it alone. It is among the best horror and scary films in the world ever made in history. The movie has got 8.5 IMDb ratings and title of best horror movies ever made.

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