Landour, Dehradun- Things To Do & Amazing Things

Landour, Dehradun- Things To Do & Amazing Things

Landour, located in the state of Dehradun, is one of the most beautiful places in India.

Landour is renowned for its scenic beauty and in particular its proximity to the popular Mussoorie. The hills and mountains that surround Landour make it a fabulous place to hike, camp or just relax. Landour is conveniently located only 20kms from Haridwar. It has a post office and a medical dispensary at the main entrance.  A retreat to relax away from the hectic city life of Delhi.

Landour features several tea gardens and its hills are dotted by several charming British era houses which have been converted into hotels, guest houses, shops etc. It also has several tea estates where tourists can have tea around their tents in the gardens or taste their blend which is prepared according to their tastes by local villagers.

The town’s economy was primarily based on agriculture and cattle breeding for some time until it became more popular to live there permanently with tourists coming to enjoy its serene nature.

Tourism In Landour

Landour is a tourist destination, the main reason being its proximity to the popular Mussoorie. In Fact, over the years, it has become a very well-known summer getaway spot for tourists from all over India and around the globe. The Landour cantonment lies at an altitude of 1660 m above sea level in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state, India.

It is situated 138 km north of Delhi in northern India and can be reached via Dehradun or Chandigarh. Also, Landour is situated in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state and at an altitude of 1316 m above sea level, with no real mountains nearby. Landour is surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides, which adds to its natural beauty.

Nature and Culture

The town draws tourists from all over the country. It is one of the most popular places in Uttarakhand for hillside bungalows and camping tourism also.

The village has a strong cultural background with equal emphasis on ecologically friendly living and a simple lifestyle. The people of Landour are also known for their friendly and warm nature who are always happy to help newcomers in understanding the culture and customs of this beautiful place.

Flora And Fauna Of Landour

The town is famous for its lovely variety of flora and fauna, including the wild peacocks that roam around freely.

The place is also renowned for being one of the only few places in India where you can find Himalayan black bears and snow leopards roaming around the forests, mountains and open lands. Flora of the town mostly includes coniferous trees, ferns and medicinal plants.

Landour is home not just to humans and the furry kind but also to a variety of birds. The open forests, which still exist in many areas, provide the perfect habitat for these feathered creatures. Some of the common species found in Landour are:

Landour is also home to many insects and other invertebrates such as butterflies. A number of them are common throughout India while some are endemic only to this beautiful region. For instance, there are more than 27 species of butterflies found in Landour alone that are endemic only to this region and nowhere else in India.

Things To Do In Landour

Landour is one of the best places to visit for nature lovers and art enthusiasts. In addition, it has many treks that are very popular with trekkers from within the country and around the world.

1. Visit Kellogg’s Memorial Church

The Kellogg Memorial Church is a splendid example of Victorian Gothic architecture. It was built in memory of William Kellogg, a missionary who worked here during the British colonial years.

2. Visit The Landour Language School

This beautiful place has the most beautiful language school in India, which caters to children from all over India as well as foreign tourists looking for a taste of Mother Nature’s childhood and students from all around the world. The school, which was build in 1790, also offers many other activities for children with its library, pets/animals and nature walks.  Some famous personalities have passed through it.

3. St Paul: The Historic Church

Landour is also home to some of the most beautiful churches in India. One of them is the St Paul’s Church, which is one of the oldest churches in the area.

St Paul’s Church was built in 1792 and was later renovated by Lord Ronaldshay a few years ago. You can also see other churches close by like The Cathedral, which was built in 1857, The Christ Church in the 1880s and The Holy Trinity Church built-in 1860.

4. Char Dukan

As the name reflects, Char Dukaan is a line of four shops (Char = Four in the Hindi language) in Landour. Also, the Char Dukaan took care of the family needs of outsiders signed up for Landour Language School. Every one of the shops serves food and snacks and drinks like a hot cup of tea/espresso, Maggi, pakoras, parathas, pasta and bun omelettes also. The popular Anil’s bistro and Tip Top coffeehouse have been here at Char Dukaan for over 50 years.

5. Lal Tibba View Point

Lal Tibba, or the Red Hill, is one of the most beautiful spots in Landour. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and towns throughout the day. In Addition to this, the sun’s rays reflect off the snowmaking for beautiful natural patterns as it sets.

6. Landour Bazaar

Landour Bazaar is a quaint little town with a lot to offer its visitors. In fact, it has several stores that sell everything from clothes to shoes and crockery to bedding and everything else in between.

7. Ruskin Bond’s House And Museum

Ruskin Bond’s House is a wonderful amalgamation of the eras gone by and the present. The beautiful house was build in colonial style and has many of its original furnishings. You can also visit Ruskin Bond’s museum, which contains books and other things related to his work.

How To Reach Landour

Landour is easily accessible. It is well connect to road and railway. If you want to come by air, the nearest airport is located in Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, about 105 km from Landour. There are regular buses that run between the airport and Landour. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available from the airport to reach Landour.

Landour has a train station that falls under Indian Railways’ network of the Northern Railway Zone.

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