Kingfisher Beer Alcohol Percentage- Pricing In India

Kingfisher Beer Alcohol Percentage- Pricing In India

Several factors contribute to the Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage or any given beer. These include both the type of yeast and the style of brewing. The type and amount of malt in a beer are also essential; darker beers typically contain more malt. Hence, they remain fermentable longer and thus have a higher alcohol content.

Also, Kingfisher is one of the famous beer brands in India. The taste of Kingfisher beer is well balanced with full-bodied flavor and taste, which makes it very quenching before a heavy lunch or dinner when you are not thirsty but still want to drink.

Different Kingfisher Beer Alcohol Percentage

The Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage is about 4.7 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), which is lower than some other popular beers. The alcohol percentage is often the deciding factor in which beer people choose.

The Kingfisher Ultra has an OG of 1040 and an alcohol level of 4.9%. Finally, it has a strong flavor with a relatively low alcohol level of 4.9%.

The Kingfisher Strong has an OG of 1040 and an alcohol level of 6.2%. The Kingfisher Strong is one of the strongest beers in India. It is a solid pale lager-type beer with an alcohol content of 6.2%.

The Kingfisher Ultra has an OG of 1038 and an alcohol level of 4.7%. It is India’s first beer brand that offers variants for different drinking moods and occasions, including the Kingfisher Ultra Strong (4.9%).

The Kingfisher Ultra Max has a 4.9% alcohol content and is described as a strong pale lager with a slight sweetness. This beer also has a mild alcoholic taste by Indian standards, making it ideal for those looking for something rich and satisfying to quench their thirst or take them through the day.

The Kingfisher Radler is a Kingfisher non-alcoholic beer. The Radler is made from fresh lemon juice and ginger juice then left to ferment to make a fizzy drink. The drink may be flavored with artificial flavorings such as lemon, lime, or fruit.


The Kingfisher Ultra Beer can price starts at Rs. 70 for a 330-ml can. This Kingfisher beer price is for the branded beer, but if you buy the same beer from a grocery store, it will be available at cheaper rates. The cost of Kingfisher Ultra is Rs 85/- for 330ml cans.

The kingfisher strong beer 650ml price is nearly about ₹145 for 650 ml.

Kingfisher Beer Ingredients

The Kingfisher Beer is made from water and malt. The beer is brewed from barley malt, and other grains used to make the beer are wheat, maize, rice, canary seed, hops, and cane sugar.

Kingfisher beer style has a deep amber appearance. The color of the beer can vary significantly throughout the year due to the ingredients used in its production. The beer is rich in hops, heavy-bodied, and well-balanced with a full flavor and taste. The Kingfisher beer is fermented with an imported brewer’s yeast for an extended period of time. This gives Kingfisher beer a long shelf life of up to 30 days from the date of packaging.

Pasteurization can occur after fermentation, in which heat or ultraviolet light is used to kill off any remaining yeast and other organisms that might spoil the product or create unwanted flavors. This ensures that the brew will remain fresh for as long as possible.


The Kingfisher beer price is very affordable. The strong Kingfisher beer is sold at a lower rate than the other Kingfisher beers. The Kingfisher’s alcohol percentage is 4.7%, which makes it suitable for any drinker who wants to drink but doesn’t want to feel full after consuming a moderate amount of beer.

The Kingfisher price is very reasonable, and the beer is good quality. People looking to buy strong kingfisher beer should keep in mind the various variants and prices of the Kingfisher beers. They should choose a particular variant according to their needs or situation.

Note- Always Drink Responsibly

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