Kasol, Himachal Pradesh- Activities To Do, Places to Explore

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh- Activities To Do, Places to Explore

Kasol is a small Himalayan village and has become a popular tourist spot in recent years. It offers many challenges for hikers and trekkers.

Nestled in the lower Simla district of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is a small village that has become resurgent thanks to tourism. It offers the complete countryside experience, with wide-open fields and hills all around it. The place is a perfect setting for trekkers and mountain climbers alike, with its proximity to the beautiful Parvati Valley.

As you travel uphill from Parvati Valley in Kasol, you’ll find it more difficult to breathe as your lungs come closer to having their fill of the rarefied air. As you keep walking, you will encounter more and more trekkers and mountaineers. All jostling with each other to get a good shot of the breathtakingly beautiful mountains at the top.

The peaceful atmosphere of Kasol is marred by the increasing number of foreign tourists who come here to unwind. Though it has proven a boon for the locals, it has also made it difficult for them to maintain their traditional practices.

To get there: You can take a bus from Chandigarh or Shimla up to Bhuntar. From here taxis are also available or you can take local buses to Kasol, which is 17km away from Bhuntar.


Kasol is considered to be one of the best destinations for outdoor activities in India. It is also called a hidden paradise and rightly so.  The dreamlike village of Kasol, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is located at an elevation of 2,240 m (7,503 ft) above sea level. The main occupation of the people living here is agriculture. Moreover, tourism and adventure sports venues attract many tourists throughout the year.

Tourists here go trekking and mountaineering at the beautiful Parvati Valley, which is about 16 km from here.

The best part of Kasol is that it has become a base camp for trekkers who wish to visit the Parvati Valley. Which lies in a bowl-shaped valley also surrounded by high hills. The upper areas of the valley are devoid of human habitation unlike the lower areas around Kasol, where people have settled due to agricultural activity.

Moreover, there are no roads leading to Parvati Valley. The only mode of transport available here is by foot or motorable mules. The place is also home to the beautiful Nags Lake, which lies near Vishnu Temple.

Weather and Climate Of Kasol: Temperature in Kasol varies between 32 to 35 degrees centigrade in winter. Summers are also very warm with temperatures reaching 45 degrees centigrade. There is also a rainfall of about 2,500 mm around this area, as per the measurement done in the year 2007.

Best Time To Visit Kasol: The best time to visit Kasol is between June to October.

Places to Visit

Tourism, the first adventure sports company started in Kasol. The camp offers all types of adventure sports, including snowboarding, paragliding, mountaineering and trekking at Parvati Valley. Besides this, there is a private lounge available with an indoor swimming pool inside it. This helps people who want to stay close to nature during their stay at Kasol.

The camp also has an outdoor adventure park for mountain biking and mountain climbing. This makes the whole experience more exciting for tourists who come here to explore all the adventurous adventures available here.

1. Parvati Valley

This is an old and peaceful valley that has been nurtured by the river Parvati. The people here are very friendly and they will also guide you through the area. Where most of them earn their livelihood by farming or grazing livestock throughout the year.

Parvati Valley is another famous area that attracts tourists every year due to its religious significance. It is also famous for its medicinal and healing qualities. As well as being home to yogis and other holy people who have lived here from time immemorial.

2. Malana

This is a small village about 40 km from Kasol. It is famous for its relaxed and friendly locals who have their dialect and traditions. Which are similar to the ones from Kashmir. It is also famous for its hashish, which is widely used in India as an ingredient in bhang and other pot-laced sweets.

There are many tourist facilities here, as well as paragliding, trekking, caving, horse riding and other adventure sports activities. It is known for its special marijuana and its inhabitants who consider themselves to be descendants of Alexander the Great.

3. Kheerganga

Kheerganga is about 60 km from Kasol. It is known for its scenic beauty and its monasteries, which are all nestled in the verdant valley. The residents here are very friendly and welcoming to tourists. Kheerganga Trek is popular among tourists and mountaineers, who come here. Moreover, it is also famous for its mushrooms and medicinal herbs that grow in abundance here.

4. Manikaran

This small town lies in the Parvati valley, and it is famous for its hot water springs that are said to have healing powers. This town also boasts of a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many people visit this place every year. Especially to take a holy dip in these waters that are 45 degrees centigrade hot all year round. Gurudwara Mandir, a temple to Guru Nanak Dev Ji lies in this town.

5. Tirthan Valley

This is a very beautiful valley located about 25 km from here. It is famous for the Tirthan Valley Trek, which is a tough trekking area. Moreover, there are other places worth visiting here that including Sheshnag Lake, Lohgarh Fort and Nag Tibba Peak.

6. Jari

This place is famous for its hot springs and sulfur mines. You would have to climb up about 7kms to reach these springs. There are many hotels and resorts near these hot springs for your comfort. The sulfur mines near these hot springs are also popular among tourists who love to take them home with them. Some of these minerals are souvenirs from the trip they had here.

Activities To Do In Kasol

– Trekking and mountaineering in the area: Kasol is known for its scenic beauty and it’s the best place to embark on a trekking expedition. The beautiful Parvati Valley lies just next door to Kasol, which is also a paradise for adventure sports lovers.

– Rappelling and other rock climbing activities are also popular here. Many campsites offer expert guides who would guide you through the area.

– Paragliding is also a popular sport here, which should be tried out at least once by those visiting the place for the first time. Paragliding takes off from Nag Tibba, which is about 18 kms from Kasol.

– The Himalayan Extreme Team (HECT) conducts snowboarding, and other adventure sports activities in the area.

– There are also options available for boating on Nags Lake, which lies around 6kms from Kasol.

– Rafting is another popular water sport here, with many companies offering services in this area.

– Trekking to Brahma Sarovar and other sites: Kasol is surrounded by several trekking trails leading to many beautiful destinations. Kheerganga-Tirthan Valley Trek is one of the most popular treks situated at a distance of 35 kms from Kasol. This trekking route leads you to the Tirthan valley, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in this area.

One can explore many different activities while visiting Kasol and its surrounding areas. One will not get bored of doing the same thing over and over again here.

Options are available for every kind of person and every whim. If one is looking for some solitude in the mountains, without too much crowding or noise around him or her. He or she should visit Kasol at least once in their lifetime. If not more times enjoy all that this place has to offer.

Final Words

Kasol is a great place to spend your vacation and it will not disappoint. The area has all the basic amenities that one would expect from a modern-day city. But still retains some of its traditional charms.

The Kasol area is also known for its scenery. Which can be seen from the many peaks located in the region. The area also boasts of a very hospitable population who are proud of their culture and traditions. One can find all kinds of attractions here, including hunting and fishing grounds, as well as mountain climbing destinations.

The best thing about this place is its peace and serenity, with an inviting atmosphere surrounding it also.

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