How To Calculate How Much Water You Should Drink A Day?

How To Calculate How Much Water You Should Drink A Day?

Water is the most essential need of our life. More than 60% of our body contains water. Body cells and tissues require a definite amount of water to regulate the working of the body in a smooth manner. But, unfortunately, most people do not pay attention to water consumption, which may make their lives risky. You are advised to use a water intake calculator to estimate your daily intake of water. Knowing the value of water in your daily routine, you must calculate how much water you should drink a day. 

Let’s scroll down to know the hazardous effects of diminished water levels and calculate the exact amount of water we need daily. 

Effects Of Diminished Water Level In Body: 

Each part of our body requires a different amount of water to maintain a balance. Decreased level of water may affect the body organs badly. A diminished level of water leads to dehydration. Severe dehydration leads to swelling in the brain, kidney failure, seizure, and other problematic conditions. That’s why one should determine how much water should be drunk per day. 

Water Consumption Per Day: 

Paying attention to your water retention level is important for optimizing your health condition. Knowing some basic aspects, one can calculate its water requirement. Moreover, you can also find it through a water intake calculator. Here are some steps regarding how to calculate how much water you should drink a day. 

Body Weight: 

Determination of body weight is an integral part of calculating water necessity. This point is of great importance as different people weigh differently. So, they require different amounts of water. It really makes sense in regard that the more a person weighs, the more water is required for proper body functioning. You can use a free online water intake calculator to estimate your daily water intake according to your body mass. 

Gaining 67% Consumption: 

After the determination of body weight, the next step is to multiply your weight by 2/3. This step assists in making a view about daily water needs. For example: If your body weighs 120 pounds, multiply it by 2/3 and keep in mind that almost 80 ounces of water are required for your healthy functioning. Still, have doubt? Try using a free water drink calculator for a better idea.

Your Activity Level: 

Water requirement increases according to your daily working routine. If you are engaged in physical exercise, you must enhance the amount of water intake. Because during workout almost 6 out 10 %water perspires which causes a drop in water level. That’s why to make up for this loss one should consume more amount of water. 

Water Goals Tips: 

As you have now calculated the definite requirement of water for your body, let’s have some tips for achieving this limit such as drinking water before every meal, consuming water after waking up and before going to bed, eating food high in water content. By following these steps, you can surely enhance your health. 


Water is the basic necessity of the human body. In this article, I have briefly mentioned how you can calculate your daily water intake with the help of a water intake calculator absolutely for free.

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