Most horror places all over the world

Most horror places all over the world

Here are some of the most horrible places in the world that helps you to gain your knowledge.

# 5.Island of Dolls(Mexico)

A few miles from the heart of Mexico City lies La Isla de las Muñecas, the Island of Dolls, where thousands of dolls hanging from the trees. The island, located in the Xochimilco canals outside of Mexico’s capital, is very mysterious.

There were dolls hanged all around to protect the island against evils spirits.

The island was named doll island in 1970 as it was the first time when dolls were seen hanging on the trees.

The story behind this is a man named Don Julián Santana who came to live on this island with his family during the 1950s

After few months visitors start to visit the island and one of the visitor’s daughters was found dead. Then Santana found a doll floating in the water and felt that the doll consists of that girl’s spirit who was deceased a few days back and he hanged the doll on the tree. After this, he began to hear strange voices and sounds of whispers and footsteps. The same thing continued and Sanatana found more dolls in different parts and hanged all of them on the trees.

Some people land locals say that the dolls talk to each other at night and visitors say that they heard the voice of a girl and felt that she was chasing them

The island is open for tourists but it gets closed before night. U can reach there in by boats and ferries from Embarcadero Cuemanco or from Embarcadero Fernando Celada. If you take a trainer to drop directly to the island it takes not more than two hours. If you are adventurous and want to experience thrilling activities u can visit this island if you visit Mexico. It is one of the horror places of the world.

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# 4.Highgate Cemetery(England)

Highgate cemetery is the place of burial in north London. It was established nearly in 1839. It soon became a fashionable place for burials and everyone wants to visit there. Soon became very popular among people to bury their loved ones to let them rest in peace. There are approximately 1,70,000 people buried and there were nearly 53,000 graves across the cemetery. The Highgate Cemetery looks like a surreal scene right out of a horror movie.

There were saying’s that the island was famous for vampires and ghouls sightings. There were many incidents that make the island terrified. In the 1960s teenage girls claimed that spirits and dead people start rising from the graves. Another incident is people walking around Swain’s Lane. Dark shadows are seen many times. The police found animal dead bodies that were completely drained of blood. The vampire hunt was also organised and the results were terrific and many police cops have put their lives into danger. Another incident was that a lady was seen roaming in the cemetery with long hair and there were rumours that she was in search of the child which she murdered. There have also been some who have heard disembodied voices and the eerie sound of bells chiming when no one is around. It is the most horror places of the world

Opening timings

Opens every day except 25th and 26th December. The timings to visit the cemetery is from 10 am to 4 pm ( November to February) and 10 am to 5 pm (March to October).£4.50 was charged for adults and £0.50 for children b/w 8 to 17 and children under 8 years are free.

You can visit here by cycling, public transports and walking.

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# 3.Monte Christo homestead house(Australia)

The scariest house of Australia is located in the town of Junee, New south wales. The house was Constructed by local pioneer Christopher William Crawley in 1885. The first tragic incident was that a pregnant lady(the maid)threw herself from the balcony and a boy was burned to death while he was sleeping in the hands of his master is thought to spread haunt in the house.

The house gets its new owners in 1963 Mr. and Mrs.Ryan. It was believed that the house is still scary and ghosts still appear. They lived there for many years and Mrs Ryan’s son noticed some irrelevant things and said that “It always felt like someone was watching me,” he told The Project. Mrs.Ryan heard footsteps on the balcony but when they go for a look there’s no one. And her name was called several times. It is considered among horror places of the world.

The House is now used for a ghost tour and ghost hunt and there were beds and other facilities also. The house was open only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The house was open every day during the NSW School Holidays (except Christmas Day).

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# 2.Paris Catacombs(France)

Catacombes de Paris, are the underground ossuaries in Paris, France, which hold remains of more than six million people in it.

The main reason to explore this place is The Ossuary, the architecture, presentation by the director and knowing about the site history.

Some areas are open to the public as museums but since 1955 some places are restricted to entry. The place is bigger than it looks. It covers nearly 320 km of tunnels and there are still some places which are undiscovered. By the 18th century, many persons were buried there. In the 1780s, the bones of the dead were taken down into the tunnels via carts in the 1780s, they were simply placed in tunnels (after a priest said a prayer to keep the dead at peace). There were saying’s that walls speak in midnight. There were rumours that a man named Philibert Apsairt who went just to fetch wine from catacombs got lost in the Catacombs and was not found till 11 years.

The place was really adventurous and full of thrill and excitement. And comes in list of horror places of the world.

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; ticket window closes at 7:30 p.m.

The Catacombs are open on July 14, August 15, November 1 and November 11.

Closed on Monday and certain holidays: January 1, May 1 and December 25.

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# 1.Bhangarh Fort(India)

Bhangarh fort was built in the late 17th century in 1631 in the Rajasthan state of India. It was built for Madho Singh by Bhagwant Das who is the father of Madho. The fort is located near border Sariska reserve situated in the Aravali range of Alwar district Rajasthan.

You need high courage to visit Bhangarh fort and soft-hearted people or people with heart diseases are advised not to visit there.

Not a single person was allowed after sunset in the fort and around the fort. The fort is under a curse that it will be roofless and if tried it will collapse soon. Another incident is that a Tantrik fell in love with a princess Ratnavati from the fort town and used his tantras and mantras to made princes fall in love with her. He notices rani’s maid buying perfume and put the evil effects in that perfume but princess got information about his evil plans and threw the bottle from her fort and fell into a boulder that flew all the way and then the magician has died. Before taking his last breath he cursed the fort that it would end up in a state where no one could live.

Bhangarh Fort is a sanctuary for ghosts and spirits.

Local people often heard noises from the fort which are unconditional and scary. They claim that they heard the sound of women’s crying and screaming. Also heard the sound of bangle breaking and strange music sounds coming from the fort. Some people felt being followed by some ghostly spirits and even slapped by an invisible person or a ghost.

If a person enters after dusk he is never seen again. Some people who tried to enter the fort and even entered inside were not found another day and they were still lost. This the most horror places of the world.

It is very easy to reach the fort by car or by bus or by any transportation facility.

Timing’s for the fort.

6 AM – 6 PM; as per ASI’s orders, it is prohibited to enter the area beyond these timings.

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