Hidden and Beautiful Places in Bangalore.

Hidden and Beautiful Places in Bangalore.

Here is a glimpse of some places in Bangalore that are known to very few people but are very beautiful and must watch places. You should know about the Hidden and Beautiful Places in Bangalore that is known to very few people.

# 5.Blossom Book Store

Blossom book store situated in church street, Bengaluru. This place us actually meant for book lovers and readers. The book store was established by Mayi Godwa in 2001 when he left the engineering job to sell books on MG road Bengaluru. You will find a book of any language and any book you like. With more than 4,00,000 books in the store, It is titled as India’s largest second-hand book store. The owner of this store belongs to a very small village and his father can’t support him financially for his further studies so he left the college and sit on the pavement near church road to sell books. Then he walked to Mg road to sell books. Now he has transformed his business from 200 sqft shop to 8600 sqft multi-storied building. The store contains books related to children books,romance,western,Indian writing,classics ,fictions,crimes,plays,poetry,psychology,health,history,geography,management,cookery and many more. The books are placed accordingly on the respective floors. If you are a book lover and visit Bangalore this place is must-visit for you. You can find no off books of your interest.

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# 4.Turahalli Forest

Turahalli park is also known as Karishma hills is a widespread area of greenery mist famous among cyclists and city rock climbers. The park is located in Kanakapura just 10 minutes drive from Bengaluru. The park is a perfect place for exercise and daily morning walks. It is also called as cities only surviving forest. The forest is full of tall and aroma of eucalyptus trees. If you are fond of bird watching this forest has different species of birds including mynahs, peafowls, eagle owl, woodpecker, paradise flycatcher, black kites, sunbird, jungle crows, and more varieties and don’t forget to take your binoculars to enjoy the clear and rare view of birds. In autumn season you can see bright orchids and many other things related to flora are present there. You can see deer, wild boar, mongooses and many others. The granite rocks of various size and shapes attract rock climbers and biking trails. Climbers and bikers do regular practice here. You can carry some snacks as there is no such facility available. It is such a beautiful place to visit and is calm and quiet and gives peace to your mind. There is nothing much to see but you solid visit this place add to experience the Mother Nature and the ambience and aroma of the beautiful forest. it one of the Hidden places of Bangalore that is known to few people.

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# 3.Devanahalli Fort

The historic fort is located in Devanahalli, Karnataka 35km away from Bangalore. The fort is well connected with Bangalore International Airport. In 1501 the fort was constructed in mud by Malla Baire which was further conquered by Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan who made the stone structure. At the end of Mysore war, the fort fell under British. It is also called the birthplace of Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan. You can enter in fort through beautifully decorated gates or entrance with plasterwork. The fort area consists of mango, tamarind, banana plantations. The fort consists of many temples that attract visitors and tourist peoples. The rooms and different places of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan are present till now date. You can reach easily to the fort by private vehicles or by taxi. If you are a history lover you must visit this place and know more about its history and other relevant things.

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# 2.Jakkur Aerodrome

It is the only airport located in Jakkur city that is under government is the site of GFTS( Government Flying Training School).Firstly it was under the rule of the king of Mysore in 1948 but later transferred to the government of Karnataka to build a flying school.

Have you ever flown a plane or think about it? If yes then all your wishes or dreams can be fulfilled here. It is best to place to undergo the experience of pilots without no prior training or experience. You can do hot air balloon rides and parasailing also. You can witness the whole country with a bird view by doing parasailing.You can reach jakkur aerodrome my busses, cars and even by direct railways also. It is a dumb destination for thrillers who want to experience the ultimate thrill and do adventure activities.

Only here you can get the experience of flying a plane. You will not sit in-plane as a passenger but sit as a pilot or Co-pilot. This place is best for persons doing continuous adventurous activities and many more.It is another Hidden and Beautiful Places in Bangalore that is known to very few people.

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# 1.Freedom park

It is nothing but a formerly jail park located in previous central jail, situated in the central business district of Bengaluru. In 1975 when the state was under emergency, the great leaders Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K.Advani were arrested and jerry here in prison and given VIP treatment. The park has been designed and made for fulfilling the purpose of rallies and public meetings. It is located in Seshadri Road, Gandhi Nagar, Karnataka, Bengaluru.

The jail is opened for the general public in 2008 and is open all seven days a week. Various tourist attractions are present there which comprises of jail museum, a sculpture court, people courtyard, water fountain, book library or museum which have a cafe on top of it. It is connected with children’s playing area. The watchtower from which all the prisoners were watched is also there with many other previous jail things opened for the general public to gain knowledge about that. The park also has six barracks where the general public could walk and take fresh air. It is a good place for spending time with your family and friends and gaining knowledge about the Jail. It is most famous Hidden and Beautiful Places in Bangalore that is known to very few people.

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