Gorai Beach- Travel and Attractions

Gorai Beach- Travel and Attractions

A lesser-known destination in Mumbai, India, Gorai beach is one of the most stunning beaches you will find. With over 4 kilometres of shoreline, it’s vast and very hard to explore. Gorai has a shellfish culture arguably unequalled in the world―you can experience the best of these delicacies at local restaurants.

It is also known for its spectacular sunset views that stand out even on days when there is no rain. This beach is not only beautiful but also safe for swimming because its coral reef hardly ever has urchins or other dangerous creatures lurking in it. The beach is located in the Charkop region, 32 km (20 mi) south of Mumbai.

The Gulf of Khambhat forms part of the coastline at Gorai Beach.

This beach is currently under restoration by the Maharashtra State Tourism Development Corporation, owing to its loss of visitors following an environmental degradation. To keep the beach clean, people are advised not to litter any trash on the beach. Throw away plastic bags or bottles in the sea which are harmful to marine life. The local fishing community has expressed its discontent with the corporation’s move. To remove them from their livelihoods to open up tourism along the shoreline.

The beach area includes a road bordered by private bungalows built on stilts over water and coconut trees, which runs parallel to the coast for 3 km (2 mi). This road has been previously known as the “Queen’s necklace” (a resemblance to the Queen’s Necklace in Mumbai).

Food and Attractions

Gorai has a lot of places to eat. The originator of the best restaurant at the beach was “Gorai Dosa House” or known to its regular customers as ‘Dosa House’. Its owner Mr Sreedharan Nair’s family has been serving authentic South Indian Dosa. Serving for around three generations now in Gorai Beach, Mumbai. Another landmark at Gorai beach is “The Skewer Inn”. Popular among foreigners and locals alike, this eatery serving traditional Keralite food in an old-world. WIth old atmosphere offers a wide variety of curries and other delicacies.

There are several small kiosks on the beach selling food and drinks. There is at least one hotel or restaurant on each end of the sandy road, and a few of them also offer rooms for rent and food and meals through their restaurants. The seafood restaurant at Gorai (also known as the “Skewer Inn”) is especially popular among tourists. It has a bar and serves some Western dishes such as pizza and pasta, but not very many Indian dishes. Cottages and bungalows can be rented out to tourists at reasonable rates, and the housing layouts are generally quite safe.

The beach is very safe for swimming and fishing and makes a popular destination in Mumbai. The coast guard keeps a watchful eye over the beach and owns a jetty to rescue anyone in distress in the Arabian Sea. Fishermen and women often pull up their boats onto shore in order to sell fresh fish to tourists, who buy it from them directly.

Gorai Beach is famous for its beautiful sunset views. Its vast shoreline is very hard to explore, but when you find it you will be treated to spectacular scenery. The beach adjacent to the Gorai creek is an ideal place to watch the sunset. However, the road along this beach is not safe, especially at dusk.

Other Things You Need To Know

Gorai is a busy fishing port with huge fishing boats transporting fish from here to Mumbai. The other big business in Gorai is shellfish farming, which has caused massive environmental destruction of the seabed in this particular area. There are many concerns about preserving the local ecology while still making profits from fishing and farming.

The beach has 3 entry points:

2 km from Gorai is Vihar Beach, which makes for a slightly more secluded destination, and is generally not as crowded as Gorai. The best sunset view location here is at Kurup (Kurup Hill), where you can see the sun fall into the Arabian Sea at an oblique angle through a tiny gap in the trees along the coast.

Gorai is easily accessible by bus from Borivali. There are several buses departing from Borivali at regular intervals throughout the day. The bus drops off passengers at an outer road around 3–4 km north of the beach. From the end of this road, you have to take a local taxi or an auto-rickshaw for about 1 km to reach the first guesthouses on the beach itself, which are located on stilts over the water.

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