Chail Himachal Pradesh || Places To visit || Tour Guide

Chail Himachal Pradesh || Places To visit || Tour Guide

Chail is considered one of the famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh which is beautifully surrounded by pine and deodar forests which gives you a refreshing break from your city life. You can enjoy many things at Chail like camping; Trekking and much more. Chail was just a small village before being transformed by its Founder Maharaja Bhupender Singh as his summer capital.

Chail is nearly about 50km away from Shimla. This place is less crowded than other places and it allows you to enjoy the charm of the place.

Beautiful sunset points at chail will fill your eyes with memorable views.

Places to visit

#Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

It was earlier a hunting place for the Maharaja but later converted into a wildlife sanctuary is considered one of the sanctuaries which are known to lesser people. It is home to a beautiful variety of flora and fauna. This place has amazing and rare apricots of animals like flying squirrel, black bear, European Red Deer and much more. Along with this, you can also enjoy bird watching at this place as it is home to very beautiful species of birds. Beautiful flora like pine or oak trees is also found here.

#Kali ka Tibba

This Kali Mata temple is one of the famous attractions in Chail and you will see breathtaking and mesmerising views from the top of the temple and along with this is also famous for trekking as you reach the temple trekking which is a great part about this area.

#Chail palace or Ranchos House

This palace was earlier known as the Palace Of Maharaja Bhupender Singh and it was made by him. He was expelled from Shimla and later settled in Shimla. You must have watched the movie, 3 idiots. The house of Ranchhordas in that movie was this Palace and that scene was shot in this Palace.


It is a small village between Chail and Solan which is situated on the bank of River Ashivini. This site is most famous for the bridge built in the river and is the main tourist spot of that place. You can enjoy food from shops under the bridge in River by sitting on the chairs pre-installed by the local vendors. You will feel unlimited excitement at this place by enjoying playing on the water or by eating at the Riverside.

#My Dream Temple

It is said that a single person builds this entire Lord Shiva temple in 45 years and the temple is called Dream Temple as Lord Shiva came in the dream of that person and ordered him to build this temple. You will see beautiful views from the temple and it will give you peace and your mind will get relaxed by the amazing vibes.

Other places

You can also visit Gurdwara Sahib in Chail,himachal pradesh which is like a small shrine but covered with beautiful greenery all around our you can also visit Sidh Baba ka mandir for exploring religious places. You can shop amazing stuff at chail bazaar and also you can shop handmade jellies and other items which will make your trip memorable. Also, visit the cricket ground and enjoy the beautiful view of the cricket ground on the hilltop.

The best time for visiting chail is in the Summer season but if you visit in the monsoon season you’ll witness more amazing views and weather.

You can visit anytime in the year as it is open throughout the year.
You can reach chail by bus or by private cabs from Shimla. The journey from Shimla to chail will be very beautiful for you and you will enjoy the great scenic views from the window of your vehicle. We hope you enjoy your trip.

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