Best web series on YouTube you must watch.

Best web series on YouTube you must watch.

We always get bored of watching Netflix and Other web series apps. Here is a list of some of Best web series on YouTube that you must watch once. Here you will find some comedy series, romantic series asking with family series and much more. YouTube provides you with the best series and movies of all interests and categories. You will really enjoy the series and it will definitely help you in your boredom period.

Comedy web series

4. Tripling

The series is based on the cousins who go on an unplanned road trip to meet their parents and find their relationships. The series highlights the journey and funny moments. The series has two seasons which are more streaming on TVF play. The series has got 8.5 IMDb rating.

3. Joint venture

It is a funny web series where two friends who love to smoke decided to start a business or venture where they can sell weed on the App. They try to connect potheads directly to the dealer. You should watch it to explore the whole story and planning of their startup.

2. Fathers

This is one of best series where you will find the fathers dealing with daily life problems of young generations. They try to cope up with them by doing activities of there children. You will be amused to see it and is a good series you must watch. The series has two seasons and got 7.2 IMDb ratings.

1. Humorously yours

The series highlights the life of a standup comedian Vipul Goyal. You will get to see the real story of stamp comedian and his relation with her wife. It is a very funny series and some scenes will really amuse you will joy and laughter. The movie has 8.6 IMDb ratings.

Family web series.

4. What the folks

This is a family-based series where a guy named Nikhil went to his in-laws and lives there for some days. The story is about how modern families deal with stereotypes, and how they fill overcoming generation gaps and deal with problems. The series has 5 episodes and you should watch it.

3. Baked

The series is about college inmates who has started a business of delivering food online at night. They deliver food at midnight only and the story highlights many good incidents and scenes. It is made by scoop whoop and has 7.6 IMDb ratings. It has two seasons and the second season will come soon.

2. Aam Aadmi Family.

It is a comedy and a family drama series. You will get full of laughter by the story of the Sharma family. The series has 3 seasons and is very funny and full of family drama and incidents and happenings of a middle-class family. The series has 8.5 IMDb ratings and is loved and appreciated by many.

1. Yeh Meri Family

It is the story of a small middle-class family who deals with daily life problems and it is one the best series you must watch in your life. The story highlights a boy from the family and his friend. It is a story of emotions of a family which is reflected from the eyes of a 12-year-old boy. The series has got 9.2 IMDb ratings. The second season will arrive soon.

Romantic web series

4. Bang Baaja Baaraat

The series is about the love story of a couple which belongs to the different castes. In the story, you’ll get to know who they deal with their families before their wedding ceremony. It has some touch of humour and a love story. The series has got 8.0 IMDb ratings.

3. Little things

The series highlights the story of a couple dealing with day to day problems of relationships. The series has three episodes and will amuse you with joy and excitement. It is a good series to watch.

2. College Romance

It is among one of the best comedy and romantic love series. It is the story of 6 college friends and is a very romantic and funny story. The whole story drives the scene of their college life and romance. You should watch this series due to its scene and funny incidents. The series has 5 episodes and season 2 will arrive soon. It has got 9.1 IMDb ratings.


This series is the best romantic series depicting the story of a schoolboy and girl. They fell in love with each other in their tuition classes. You will see a good combination of “Padhai and Pyaar”. The chemical bonds are explained by their teacher and is a very lovely series. it is one of Best web series on YouTube you must watch. You must watch this series and it is the best series of all time teenage love. The series has 9.2 IMDb ratings and it has two seasons and many more seasons will come.


1.Official Chukiyagiri

It is basically the story of an intern named spandan chukiya who came to Mumbai from Meerut to do the job. You’ll see how in the presence of politics and struggles, how a college fresher survives to get to work in a corporate company. The series is full of drama and some comedy and is fully entertaining series. The series has 3 seasons and has 7.1 IMDb ratings.

2.Permanent roommates

The series highlights the story of a young couple who are in a long-distance relationship with each other from the long years. The series contains some adult content and is full of humour and excitement. The series has two seasons and it is said that season three will come. The show has 8.6 IMDb ratings.

There are many other series also which are available on YouTube and other platforms also. You can watch these as these are some of the best from them. You should have a look at these series and it will help you to pass your time. Above written series are the best web series on YouTube you must watch.

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