Best lounge to visit in Punjabi Bagh

Best lounge to visit in Punjabi Bagh

There are many lounge to visit in Punjabi Bagh, But today I am going to tell you some of the best lounge to visit in Punjabi Bagh.

#10 Xpins

This place is totally made for gamers and party freaks as it offers games with an amazing food platter and best DJ. The lounge also serves liquor at the best prices and the atmosphere was too good. This place is most famous for its bowling area as it provides bowling with sheesha. One can experience both clubbing and gaming in a single place. It also offers the pool game at a very reasonable price. The staff was absolutely good and friendly and the service was very good.

It also offers a comfortable sitting and DJ floor. This place is actually meant for gamers where they can enjoy at a different level. If a person is fond of all these activities like playing games and smoking sheesha with liquor this place is made for them. They also organize different events and one can book it for birthday parties and all kinds of parties as they offer discounts. One should visit this place once To experience gaming and clubbing at the same time.

#9 PUBG 2.0

This lounge and bar were well known on club road Punjabi bagh for its great pubg theme. The lounge offers best pubg atmosphere that gives gamers a sense of joy and enjoyment. The lounge provides the best ambiance with an amazing crowd. The workers are too cooperative and are always there for service. There is nothing to regret after visiting. Best sheesha is provided at a reasonable cost and liquor is also available. The sitting area was well managed and presented in a systemic way. There is open space for the DJ floor offering the surround sound DJ that gives feel in dancing with amazing lights effects. The theme was totally on pubg and this place should visit by the pubg lovers. Like others, they also organize parties and events at a particular festival or on a particular day. One can book his/her table before the shows or events to avail of special discounts. You can fully enjoy the ambiance approximately in 2000-2500 rs(for. 3-4 persons). A smoking area will be provided.
Must-try dishes are pizza, soya chaap, paneer tikka, and many more mouthwatering dishes are being served.
Must visit destination for pubg lovers.

#8 Badshah

Badshah the lounge also know as KING OF THE ROAD. As the name suggests it comes in most visited lounge and is especially known for daily parties and DJ nights with special and famous DJs. Weekly they organize many events and cooperative party nights with lots of fun and full of excitement. The decor was absolutely good and you can visit there with your family and friends. The wholesome combos of food items with amazing cocktails and mocktails and heavenly food along with sheesha made you feel amazed and alive. The DJ with dhol combination made your feet dance by itself. The terrace area was so pleading with soft music and great vibes with pleasant weather.
The staff was so kind and benevolent. One could not resist the food items and the retro will greatly amuse you. The lounge provides open-air sitting with wifi facility and a good smoking area. In the budget of 2000-2500, four people can enjoy a lot in the lounge. Must-try dishes are chilly chicken, cheese roll(Badhshah spcl.), chicken pizza, and amazing mocktails.

#7 Clue

This newly opened lounge has made growth in a very small time and grows rapidly due to its aroma and surroundings. This lounge consists of two floors and offers a terrace view with great vibes. The first floor contains the best DJ with a good led screen that makes u feel amused while dancing. Tempting food items are served that are worth trying. It offers valet parking service and good for birthday parties and many more. Supportive staff and members are appointed to serve the customers. All variety of alcohol and liquor are served with tempting continental, Chinese, north Indian, with amazing street food items. Nearly 2000brs are enough for two persons.

#6 Verandah

The decor of this place was just wow. You should visit this place once. The main attraction is the jhula sitting. This lounge provides courteous staff and prompt services to its customers. The interior was awesome and extraordinary. This place is to be visited with family and friends also. The Bar serves all kinds of drinks and stunning mocktails with a variety of food. Sheesha with the flavour of your choice is being provided. Must-haves for this are cocktail vada pav and pizza with some spring rolls and mouthwatering nonveg items.
It also contains a smoking area with outdoor settings with a pleasant view.
Valet parking service is also being provided by the lounge faculty. 1600 rs approximately is enough for two people. You should visit this place with your family and friends.

#5 TOS(Take Of Scarlett)

This comes in one of the best lounge of Punjabi bagh with great ambiance and vibes. The lounge has no variety of food combinations including north Indian, continental, Chinese, Italian, with a lot more of fast-food varieties. This place is great to hang out with friends as the DJ was too good and the crowd was also very nice. The lounge does live to a stream of sports matches that attract more and more crowds and tables pre-booked. The terrace area was just stupendous with the great vibrations and a Bar. In winters they offer coal fire and blankets on the terrace which was just wow. The open-air sitting was just amazing. The Bar offers all kinds of liquor with national to international brands.

The lounge provides a safe and secure environment by placing bodyguards. The lounge serves sheesha in a unique way and on-demand you can get a Khaleel(Big sheesha than normal). Valet parking service is provided. The lounge provides DJ with dhol and photographer also which gives feel in dancing and hanging out with friends. This place is a good destination for party lovers as one can organize parties and events. Must-haves of this lounge are dahi k kabab, pizza, with a variety of tasty mocktails. Approximately 2000 for 2 persons you have to spend to enjoy the great vibes.

#4 Tornado

This lounge always comes in when we talk about Punjabi Bagh and a good lounge. This club is leading in the top lounges of Punjabi Bagh.
This club is well known for parties and a friendly crowd and a lot of enjoyment in a pocket-friendly budget. The decor was spectacular with an outstanding Bar and offering fire shows and another kind of fun activities to attract visitors. The food served is so tempting that you can’t resist trying it. The mocktails were just outstanding. The lounge consists of two roofs covered floors and two terraces which were just stunning. The DJ was so fabulous offering dhol with full of energy and good vibes. The lounge provides professional photographers with amazing backgrounds and amazing staff. The lounge provides all kind of liquor wines and beverages. The main attraction was the food items from India, North Indian, Chinese, continental, Italian cuisine. U should definitely visit this lounge which provides you parking facility with no additional cost of entry and a budget-friendly lounge which is just amazing for party lovers. The terrace was just wow factor as it offers a dual terrace with calm vibes and great aura. The smoking area is also there. Approximately in 1400rs two persons can avail of the best services of this lounge.This is the best lounge to visit in punjabi bagh.

#3 AIR

AIR (An Ivory Region) comes in the list of top 10 lounge due to its interior, it’s a stunning two-floored terrace with an amazing view, great vibes, and pleasant music. This place is best for couples to hang out as the crowd was so fantastic with supporting staff. There was not any kind of problems or any negative thing in the lounge. You can visit there with your friends as well as a family also because it provides an environment according to the family also. The DJ was also very stunning with good lighting effects and surround sound.

This lounge also offers fine dining. Serves desserts and bakery items. Buffet system can also be provided on special requests and bookings. This lounge comes in must-visit places in Punjabi bagh. It also serves all kinds of liquor and drinks. The food served was mouthwatering with different food items like nachos, pita bread, tandoori chicken. It provides a smoking area and service of valet parking for the convenience of customers. One should visit this lounge and bar once to experience the great vibes and feel the enjoyment. 2000 rs approximately for 2 persons is enough to experience the aura.

#2 Sixth Empirica

This is one of the best lounges in Punjabi bagh looking upon it’s interior and decoration with a high-class DJ floor with surround sound and best lighting effect playing high volume remix songs. The ambiance was actually joyful leading in top lounges. The seating arrangement was fully systemic and the staff was so good and caring with friendly nature. The food served was actually mesmerizing featuring dishes of north India, Chinese, continental, Italian, Mughlai, and local food items complete the menu. The food looks better with your favorite liquor from the bar of all brands and mocktails for those who don’t drink. It is the spot for perfect clubbing experience with great music and a wonderful terrace. The terrace was actually good with a small jhula that make it look more than ever. The smoking area is also provided by the lounge. Valet parking service is also being given. This is the best place for birthday parties with mouthwatering food and nonstop DJ. One can arrange and book lounge for birthday parties and corporate parties.
Must-haves for the lounge are paneer tikka, virgin mojito and how can u forget about sheesha. They serve the best sheesha in the flavor you like. Must visit this once when u visit Delhi. And Delhiites should visit this place once. It is the best lounge to visit in punjabi bagh.
1500-2000 can be spent approximately to get full enjoyment.


THE RAFTAAR lounge and bar. The best lounge of Punjabi bagh. The best lounge of the town with a stunning DJ floor. The raftaar is well known for its DJ floor. The fabulous lighting effects and 3d surround around DJ with dhol give u another level energy. The special attraction is the fire show which was performed by specialists on the fabulous looking bar. Many new techniques are also there. People enjoy the best dance floor in the town with their friends.
3rd consists of a highly systemic sitting and terrace view to look on the 2nd floor. The food menu comprises of north India, continental, Italian, Indian and no menu will be completed with street food. The lounge serves the best quality food that one cannot resist eating on seeing it. The sheesha was very good and Khaleel is also provided with flavors of your own choice.
The terrace was breathtaking with a swimming pool and a bar with a sitting area and also includes a VIP table. The lounge performs beer showers with candle lighting on special request.

They charge cover charges from you if you are stag and no charges are levied if you enter a couple.
The parking facility is provided by the lounge itself with a good smoking area. Many shows and events are organized here and even great singer Parmish Verma has visited this lounge. The ambiance And the bar were actually astonishing. U should definitely visit this lounge once in your life. It gives you the experience of clubbing in a pocket-friendly budget. Approximately 2000-2500 are required to enjoy this stunning background(for two persons). Most of the school and college parties are organized in this lounge due to its aroma and ambiance. This is the best lounge which is worthful to visit in punjabi bagh.

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