9+ Best Sikkim Food | Cuisines You Must Try

9+ Best Sikkim Food | Cuisines You Must Try

Sikkim stays on top of the travelling list of many travellers and foodies for its best culinary traditional food delights. Sikkim had good flavours of both Nepal and Tibet which makes its food more delightful and tasty. Rice, momos and soups are most commonly consumed which are made with heavenly spices, meats, and many more things which brings amazing taste to the food. Whether or is traditional food or Street food you’ll get the best quality and different items to try.
Now let’s talk about some of the midst famous and some traditional food items in Sikkim.


If we are talking about Sikkim food, momos stay on the top of the list and are widely famous among one of the most famous Tibetan food delicacies here. Momos are basically dumplings made of flour and they had many kinds of things filled in them. Momos taste heaven when they are steamed but today it comes in many varieties.

Also, a number of fillings are used in momos which makes its taste awesome but authentic Tibetan momos taste different and can’t be matched anywhere.


After momos, we can say that thukpa wind the hear of the foodies. It is famous Street food but also served in big restaurants and hotels. Thukpa is basically a type of soup with noodles and you can avail both veg and non-veg version. Like momos, you can eat thukpa anywhere but the authentic street thukpa will make your taste buds happy.

The soup had many vegetables, meat, eggs and many more items.


This dish is for non-veg lovers and is one of the most loved and eaten Sikkimese food items. The main component of the dish is pork which is marinated with red chillies and some vegetables like radish and mixed with authentic spices. There is no involvement of oil which makes it healthier as it only involves vegetables and proteins.

Sha Phaley

The famous dish is made by taking a bread which is stuffed with meat and then deep-fried which is full of flavours and spices. It is a semi-circled dish that is among the famous dishes and street food of Sikkim. The pastry is crunchy from the outside but is full of juices and flavours inside.

The vegetarian version is also available but if you want rich and authentic you have to go for the one with meat and it tastes just wow.


Though it is originated in Nepal and is famous in Sikkim due to its health benefits. The dish is basically a mixture of mustard leaves, vegetables and cabbage which are blend and cooked with different spices and sauces and traditionally cooked in an earthen pot. The dish has a good amount of roughage and helps in maintaining good metabolism.

It is one of the traditional dishes which is only cooked in villages but today you can find it in restaurants but it will not taste like the authentic one made in villages by locals.

Kinema Curry

It is another famous dish in Sikkim served with rice which is full of flavours and proteins. Curry is basically made with fermented soybeans and then it’s mixed with friends vegetables which engage its flavours. It is said to be a substitute for vegetarians it tastes amazing when served hot with rice. You must try kinema curry once in your life.

Chhurpi soup and chimney soup

Both the soups are very famous and traditionally made items of Sikkim. Chhurpi soup is made with cottage cheese and is used as a welcome drink for visitors and guests while Gya Kho(chimney soup) is served in a chimney shaped bowl which is cooked in coal with a lot of flavorful spices and ingredients.


This traditional dish is made by doughing the flour in boiling water and adding some butter to make a sticky paste. It is made in special traditional utensils and this dish is served with lentil soup and with some chutney or with meat. It is said to be very healthy and very famous among the villagers and holds a place in Sikkim food items you must try once.


It is again a soup mixed with noodles and different types of vegetables and meat. This soup is one of the most consumed dinner items and is very famous among the Sikkim population. The soup is full of flavours and rich in nutrients and originally originated in Tibet but is said to be very famous here.

There are other items also which are quite famous like Kodo ko roti, Bamboo shoot curry, seal roti, Sikkim tea but you must try all the dishes once and yes don’t forget to add them to your Instagram stories.

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