9+ Best Chikmagalur Tourist Places To Visit In 2021

9+ Best Chikmagalur Tourist Places To Visit  In 2021

Chikmagalur is a beautiful destination in Karnataka which is full of beautiful tourist places and is one of the exciting and best hill stations that help you escape from your noisy city life and enjoy the beauty of nature with pleasing and joyful greenery and a good environment. The place is well famous among solo and group travellers due to its best sightseeings and trekking routes.

Chikmagalur is best for a weekend getaway and a pleasant and refreshing holiday. This place also offers you various adventurous and thrilling activities along with beautiful places to visit.

Places to visit


This place is the highest peak in Karnataka at an altitude of nearly 2000 meters above sea level and is one of the best places to visit. You can do various activities like trekking, mountain biking, and also camping at this beautiful place. Sunset point is worth visiting place here and you can also visit the Nandi statue or Mullappa Swami Temple. You will see great views from the top and you’ll not regret visiting this place. You can reach here by your private vehicle or by bus. The best time to visit is said to be September to March.

Hebbe Waterfalls

Thus beautiful picturesque waterfalls are situated 8 km from the Chikmagalur hill station and are beautifully surrounded by lush greenery and dense forests. The beauty of the waterfall is just wow. You’ll get to see the pure white water falling from above and you’ll be filled with joy and excitement and will list in the beauty of that place. The waterfall is said to be a natural jacuzzi with a low of herbs and minerals with exotica materials. Though it is a bit difficult to reach the waterfall once you reach it you’ll forget all your worries and tiredness. October to January is said to be the best time to visit this place.

Coffee museum

If you are a coffee lover then this coffee museum is for you. You’ll see just feel the aroma of coffee around you at the place where the best coffee is tested and analysed by specialists. You can study the whole process of coffee making from the first step to the last by tasting the coffee. Small coffee plants are set up and you can pass through them to reach the museum. You will get to know about the history of coffee here and the beauty of this place will never disappoint you. The museum is located in the Dasarahalli District of Karnataka.

Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary

This place is meant for nature and wildlife lovers as you’ll get the see the perfect blend of both things here at this place. The sanctuary consists of the highest Tiger population and is home to several birds and wild animals. The place is full of lush greenery or beautiful flora which are worth seeing. You can arrange a private Jeep Safari for experiencing the beauty of this place. From this place, you can also trek to Kallahathigiri mountain from which you can enjoy stunning views and enjoy the beauty of mother earth. Approximately 250 species of birds are being found here.

Bhadra Dam

This dam is built on the river Bhadra and is popularly known as the landmark of Chikmagalur. This place attains a special position in places to visit due to its beauty and the huge structure. The dam is very important for the locals and is famous due to its megastructure and the river on which it is built. You must visit this dam when you visit Chikmagalur as you can see some wildlife near the dam which is a great part of it.

Tea Plantations

If you do not visit the tea plantations this place your visit to Chikmagalur will get wasted as you will miss the midst beautiful and aromatic place you’ll ever see in your life. You can try different flavours of tea here and book a plantations tour for yourself. Some areas of land are from the Britishers time and we owned by them. It is one of best and most famous Chikmagalur tourist places.


If you love to do and experience the thrill and joy of off-roading this place is definitely for you. You can ride through the hills of kyathanamakki which are covered with lush pastures of land and are full of mud and dirt for a perfect experience. Along with off-roading you can also do trekking here and enjoy the sunset from the highest peak and is one of famous Chikmagalur tourist places.

Sharadamba Temple

The temple lies in the small town Sringeri of Chikmagalur but has high value and is a great piece of art and architecture. At this place Guru, Adi Shankaracharya had set up his practice and is also famous for this. Dedicated to the goddess of wisdom this place is one of the respected places and has high spiritual auras and religious vibes. The main thing is to witness the beautiful architecture of this place and is one of best Chikmagalur tourist places.

Ayyanakere Lake

This lake is the biggest in the whole Chikmagalur but it is less famous and known to lesser people. The beautiful lake is surrounded by lush greenery and offers great views. This place is best for photogenic people to click best photos with the best views. You can indulge in fishing or can do camping on Riverside which is just amazing. There are no entry fees for it and you can sit here for a long time just enjoying the beauty.

Chikmagalur is full of tourists places and some other places are Z point, Madu Gundi falls which gives the best view, kavikal Gandi Viewpoint for clicking the best ig pics, your around the Belavadi village or if you are a religious person you can your around Kalasa for some religious vibes.

There are different places for trekking and once you visit there you will fall in the beauty of their place.
We hope to enjoy your trip.

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