9+ Amazing Things to do in Udaipur at night

9+ Amazing Things to do in Udaipur at night

If you prefer the night as your preferred time to travel and explore new places you want to visit, you’re fortunate since there are lots of activities to enjoy in Udaipur in the evening. Udaipur is often referred to for being the City of Lakes. Explore ancient palaces, forts and stunning lakes that are the best to see in the evening. Let us find out some of the amazing things to do in Udaipur at Night. You will feel exciting till you read the end.



Visit the wonderful- City Palace

A City Palace tour is the best way to spend a night in Udaipur. The palace is a marvel of architecture at night, and you can capture the stunning view from the lakeside when it glows with lights. City Palace is a delight for the eyes, with its large courtyard, ornate corridors, and gardens, as well as the fragrant flowers and lush greenery, and temples within the palace. It is located 64km from the city centre and has a significant historical significance.

Romantic Boat Ride on Lake Pichola

A boat ride on Pichola Lake is a popular activity in Udaipur. Lake Pichola, one of the most serene lakes in India, was built in 1362 and is surrounded by stunning structural designs. It is a delight to the eyes when it comes to nighttime when its colourful lights make it look spectacular. The lake’s beauty and mysterious past attract many tourists from around the globe throughout the year.

Romantic dinner date at Sheesh Mahal

The open-air restaurant In Udaipur Sheesh Mahal offers authentic Indian cuisine with a view of the lake. It is the perfect place for a romantic dinner date. The staff is warm and welcoming, as well as the delicious food is prepared by top chefs. The stunning open-air restaurant offers the perfect setting to capture the sunset and eat dinner under the stars. A romantic dinner date can be made with your partner by having a candle-lit dinner on the rooftop. It is one of the best things to do in Udaipur at Night.

Enjoy sweets and snacks

Udaipur is a paradise for foodies. Enjoy local cuisine at roof-top restaurants, and a cup of masala Chai’ from the side tea stalls. Ghantaghar, in the Silawatwari area of the city, is the best place to taste the delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Monsoon Palace offers a spectacular panoramic view

Monsoon Palace, located on the hillside of the capital city, is a must-see for tourists. It is also known as Sajjan Garh Palace. This palace offers great views of the entire city, including forts, lakes, and palaces. This palace was built to watch the monsoon colours change in the sky, which is the main reason it was constructed. The palace is located in the Aravalli Hills and looks stunning when lit up by the sun.

Sunset Terrace at Fateh Prakash Palace

The Fateh Prakash Palace is the perfect place for those who love sunsets. The palace’s terrace offers a stunning view of the sunset. The stunning sunset view over the horizon is enhanced by the Aravalli Hills, Lake Pichola, and the majestic Lake Pichola. If you’re in Udaipur, don’t miss this amazing view and take photos to share with friends and family.

Enjoy the sound and light show at Kumbhalgarh Fort

Enjoy the amazing light show and sound effects at Kumbhalgarh Fort at night. The fort glows in the evening light, and folk music adds charm to it. Every evening, the show begins at 6:45 pm and gives an impression of the Royal Rajputs. Enjoy folk dance performances to Rajasthani music, which depicts Mewar’s rich culture and history. This show is 45 minutes long and is also a must-see attraction for tourists visiting the Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Camelback Safari in Thar Desert Dunes

The most romantic thing to do with your loved one is to visit the endless Thar desert on a camel safari. The sunset over the Thar desert is breathtaking. You can also capture amazing views of palaces, lakes, and ancient temples. You can immerse yourself in the various hues of sunset over the horizon. Camel Safari is also one of the most magical and fun things you can do in the evening, thanks to the cool breezes.

Walking tour to Tiger Lake

A walking tour to Tiger Lake in Udaipur, also known as Badi Lake is a wonderful way to spend a weekend. The place is located about 20 kilometres from Lal Ghat Area. It is also well-known among tourists.

You will start in Morwania and travel through the Aravalli Hills to reach Tiger Lake. Enjoy the stunning sunset view, stop for refreshments and make new friends.

 Best Time to Visit Udaipur

Udaipur is a beautiful city that attracts many tourists throughout the year. It is not recommended to visit Udaipur in the summer months of April through June. The temperatures can soar from 39deg up to 47deg. In fact, You can also get sunburned if you walk in the city during the daytime.

It is evident that Udaipur’s best season to visit Udaipur is September-March. The weather is also pleasant and calm in these months.

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