7 Biggest food items in Delhi which you must try.

7 Biggest food items in Delhi which you must try.

Here is a glimpse of some of the 7 Biggest food items in Delhi which you must try with your friends or family.

1. Biggest Pizza

When you talk about pizza, the first thing that comes into your mind is Dominos or Pizza Hut. And the normal size served by them and others is 8-14inch. But what when we say about 34inch pizza? Yes, You can experience mouthwatering 34inch pizza at American Connection Dinner in the Kalkaji market New Delhi. The pizza has been named as Planet pizza or monster pizza and is the biggest pizza in India. The pizza cost 3500-4000Rs according to flavour is enough for 10-12 people and is suitable for house parties. The pizza is served in 4 segments of different flavors and is so tough to make that it is cooked two times. Retro offers a cash prize for the person who finishes the whole pizza in 34 mins will be rewarded with 34,000 cash prize. If you can’t finish it, don’t worry it will not get wasted, if you want they can pack it for you or they give to people who are in need of food. It is considered one of the heaviest pizza with no toppings and a large quantity of cheese. It is must try pizza with your friends or family. This is one of 7 huge food in Delhi.

source: https://fussyfoodbloggers.com

2.Biggest Burger

Not only pizza American connection diner serves India’s biggest burger that weighs nearly about 2.25 kg and all the ingredients are totally hand made and freshly made. The burger is smelled in segments. Firstly 2 patties weighing nearly 800gm (per patty) is freshly made with chicken or vegetables and the bun used in the burger is also freshly made in the restro itself.
The burger is prepared by assembling the first bun then adding letus leaves as the burger is incomplete without it. Then they add patty with 7-8 cheese slices and then put vegetables and then again add patty with 7-8 cheese slice. The make a special cheese sauce which they pour on the burger. The look of the burger is just mesmerising. Then it is served with freshly made french fries and add some garnishing. The burger is enough to feed the hunger of 5-6 people. It is reasonable and just cost 749 for non-veg and 649 for veg excluding taxes. You must try the biggest burger and its taste is just wow. It comes on the second position in 7 huge food items in Delhi.

3. Biggest Dosa

In the discussion of South Indian food, how can we forget Dosa whose size is 8-9 inches? But want to try a 4ft Dosa? If you wanna try it then you must visit Sankalp restaurant in Pitampura Delhi that serves Biggest Dosa of about 4ft. The name of the restaurant has been listed in Guinness Book Of World Records. The taste of dosa is just ultimate and is enough for a group of 4-5 people. The dosa is served in a long tray with sambhar and chutney on both sides with the potato filling. The restaurant serves the kinds of chutneys with delicious Sambhar. The cost of Dosa is nearly 900rs and gives you a unique experience.

4. Biggest Alloo parantha

The favourite food items for Punjabi’s is allo ka parantha that they make in their home. But when we are talking about the Biggest food items. Prisha Parantha Junction in Uttam Nagar New Delhi serves India’s biggest aalo parantha and other vegetable paranthas. The parantha is served with chutney, Amul butter and homemade achar with fresh curd. The parantha weighs 1.2kg and its height is nearly 2ft. The restaurant offers a cash prize of 11,000 for the person who finishes 3 paranthas in 60 minutes.
It is located near Uttam Nagar west metro station and you can reach directly by metro to the restaurant. It costs approximately 350 Rs for two persons. Best place to try something different.

5. Biggest Chola Bhature

Delhi is famous for its chhole bhature and it has some of the most famous chhole bhatura restaurant. The restaurant named Punjabi by Nature Quickie situated in DLF mall of India, Noida serves Delhi’s biggest chhole bhature.
The Bhature was really soft and tasty and chhole were freshly made with homemade spices and the taste is just wow. They serve Amritsari lassi which is a signature drink with chhole bhature for Punjabis and others also. Chhole bhature without onion is a body without a soul. They serve onion with other salad and chutney also. The taste was just mouthwatering and the size of Bhature was so big than the normal one. Its size is equal to the size of a sofa pillow or bigger than that. The ambience of the place is just amazing and is must visit place with your friends and family. You’ll really enjoy the food and other things.

6. Biggest Thali

All of us have eaten Thali in the restaurant that is made normally for 2-3 people but what if I tell you a restaurant in CP Delhi serves Thali for more than 12 people? Yes, it is true. Ardor 2.1 located in Connaught place Delhi serves Delhi’s biggest Thali that weighs up to about 8.2 kg with no of Indian with Mughlai and other cuisine from starters to main course and completing it with the best desserts. The name of that is Bahubali Thali or 56inch Modi Ji Thali. You will be offered various kinds of rice with various starters of veg or non-veg along with different types of dishes and Indian breads served with different salads and papad for a amazing twist. From normal to authentic dishes you will get everything in this thali. They also offers a cash prize for those who finish this Thali in 40 mins(only two persons). It’s a complete family meal and suitable for group of 9-10 people. It is must try restaurant to enjoy the authentic food and ambience with your friends and family.

7. Biggest Kabab Platter

Kebab is the best food item in non vegetarian food and so soft that even a child can eat it without any problems. Its just amazing food. But in 2-3 pieces not everyone is satisfied. A restaurant in Delhi serves Indias biggest kebab platter. The restaurant named Nooshe Joon located in Lajpat Nagar serves India’s biggest kebab and kebab platter. The restaurant serves India’s biggest 1 meter kebab along with Uzbeki Mutton Tikka, Lamb Koobideh, and Jujeh Kebabs accompanied with Kabuli pulao, saffron rice, grilled tomatoes, chilies, dips, and pickles on both the sides with chutney and lemon to give it a ultimate taste. The platter costs 2500 rs for all the things with mouthwatering taste. The place is totally made for non vegetarians and serves a different level food. Must try place for non vegetarians. It is one of the largest platter that is added in lit of 7 biggest food items of Delhi.


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