5+ Best Places to visit in Jammu, Updated(2021)

5+ Best Places to visit in Jammu, Updated(2021)

It is the largest city in the Jammu district or union territory. It is also famous and known for its ancient and beautiful temples. Jammu is the most visited place in the union territory of India. Jammu is famous for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The most prominent tourist attractions in Jammu include Ladakh, Patnitop, Gulmarg etc. There are many places to visit in Jammu to spend the best vacation.

Jammu people make some of the famous dishes like Ambal, khatta meat, Kashmiri aloo dum etc. It is embedded in the beautiful green Himalayas and is famous for its incredible natural beauty all over the world. There is greenery everywhere. Jammu is also called as the heaven on earth or heaven of India.

There are some famous things of Jammu also for shopping like wooden artefacts, traditional handicrafts, walnut and other dry fruits etc. If you are a nature lover or you love to spend your time in nature just visit Jammu at once. Jammu is famous for its small-scale and cottage industries which makes articles such as carpet weaving, silks, shawls etc.

Places to visit in Jammu

Vaishno Devi Temple

This is a very popular site in Jammu. It is among the most visited Hindu temples in the world, millions of pilgrims or visitors visit this temple each year. This temple is dedicated to Mahalakshmi. The best timings to visit this temple is from 5 pm-12 pm or 4 pm-9 pm. This temple tops the list of Places to visit in Jammu

This is one of the best and the important pilgrimage site in Jammu.

Surinsar Lake

It is a beautiful lake that is settling in the densely wooded mountain ranges. This is the most visited tourist place ever. This lake is surrounded by hills, dense forests etc. If you want to get some peace from your daily life then this is the best place that can give you comfort as well as a complete healing.

There is a small island in the middle of the lake which is home to many bats. If you are thinking to visit Jammu, then you must have a visit to this lake.

Akhnoor Fort

This fort is on the banks of the River Chenab. In this fort, you can get pieces of evidence of the Harappan civilization. The place inside the fort has some amazingly decorated arches, containing beautiful mural paintings. Being an ancient site, this is the most visited fort ever visited because people love to take a deep look into the mysteries as well as history.

The timings to visit this fort are – 11 am -5 pm. If you are a lover of history and culture, then you must definitely plan a visit.

Mansar lake

Mansar is also a very famous picnic spot as well as a pilgrimage site. It is just 62 km from Jammu. Mansar lake and surinsar Lake are famous as twin lakes because mansar lake is just 9km away from surinsar lake. One can also visit the surinsar lake as well as the surinsar – mansar wildlife sanctuary.

This lake is also home to two temples, Umapati Mahadev and Narasimha and the temple of Durga. That’s why this lake is also famous as a pilgrimage site.

Peer Kho cave

The Peer Kho cave is another well-known Shiva temple in Jammu. This temple has its historical value as it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a holy place visited by thousands of devotees every year. It is a strong belief that a Shiva lingam was formed naturally in the cave and the people of Jammu started worshipping it. One must visit this caves place.

Raghunath Bazaar

This market is full of woollen clothes and dry fruits Stores on both sides of the road. It is a very famous and known tourist market situated near Raghunath temple. This market is famous for its goods and reasonable shops. The Raghunath Bazar in Jammu is one of the best destinations for shopping in the Jammu region. This market is special in Garments, Accessories and dry fruits.

The timings to visit this market is from 9.00 AM – 7.00 PM.

Manda zoo

This is the perfect spot for a family vacation. A zoo is one of such places that helps us in bringing out the child inside us. Manda zoo is one of the best and the famous zoo in Jammu. It is a perfect place to visit on holidays and weekends with family.

Manda zoo is full of attractive birds, flies, animals like peacocks, lime butterflies, eagles, hog deer and many more. This place is completely thrilling to visit with your family. Birds like turkey and emu are also seen in Manda zoo.

Dogra art museum

If you are an art lover or love to witness some fine art then this is the perfect museum or place for you. This museum has a special collection of basophil paintings. One of the most interesting artefacts in the Dogra art museum is Shah Jahan’s golden bow and arrow.

This museum depicts some art that belongs to the rule of dogmas and Mughals. The timings to visit the museum is from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm (summer) and 8:00 am – 1:30 pm (winter).

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