7+ Best Hill Stations in Kerala | Kerala Tourism | Best Summer Getaway

7+ Best Hill Stations in Kerala | Kerala Tourism | Best Summer Getaway

Kerala the gods own country has several beautiful destinations And pleasing hill stations which are totally covered by coffee and tea plantations, impressive spice gardens and have spectacular views. The hills stations are best for family vacations as well as friends outing or romantic dates and much more.

When you plan a visit to Kerala besides beautiful coastal destinations or backwaters you must explore the hill stations of this beautiful state with many sightseeing views and much more to do.

Hill Stations To Visit


This hill station is mainly popular for its beautiful and best tea gardens. The area is full of lush green forests and a great variety of flora and fauna. This place is also named ‘Kashmir of the south. You can visit Tata tea museum; photo point for ig photos; chinnar wildlife sanctuary or you can enjoy a boat ride in kundala dam lake. People also do cycling or skating for climbing and roaming in the beautiful tea gardens. The best time to visit this beautiful place is from October to April when the weather is pleasant and you will feel great.


The place is settled amid the Western Ghats and is considered the best place to visit for those who are nature lovers and wildlife addicts and willing to explore new things. The place is full of attractions like serene hills; Waterfalls; historic caves; and much more.  This place offers various types of activities like trekking or River rafting along with boat riding; kayaking; and also birdwatching. This offers is home to many species of birds. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary; Thirunelli Temple; Edakkal caves are some of the famous tourist attractions of this place. The suitable time to visit is from October to April.


This is one of the popular tourist destinations in the country which offers a variety of sightseeing and also named’ Scotland of Asia’. It offers a wonderful blend of verdant hills with Waterfalls and lush green plains along with sparkling rivers. Murugan hills; karikadu viewpoint; Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary and Echo point are some of the famous places to visit you must visit once. You can spend time in meadows and walk through the pine hills and by doing this you will feel the place and your mind will get relaxed.

If you want some adventure, you can enrol in rock climbing or trekking or you can also experience the thrill and joy of paragliding. The best time to visit this hill station is said to be from October to May.

Silent valley

For making your trip more memorable you must visit Silent Valley. It is one of the well-preserved hill stations with a charming environment which will give you eternal peace and you’ll feel amazing. The valley is said to be home to many different and rare species and also for kurumbar Tribes.
You will get to see a Malabar giant squirrel or a winged bat and also Nilgiri langurs in the famous silent valley National Park.
You can also enjoy various types of activities and enjoy the soulfulness of the flora and fauna. The best time to visit is from December to April.


This beautiful hill station is mainly famous for its amazing environment and tranquil landscapes. Though it is small in size than others it is very famous among tourists due to its great vibes. Chain tree; Thusharagiri Waterfalls; Tea museum; pookode lake are some of the popular places you must visit. You can enjoy zip-lining; hiking; trekking along with many other activities like a boat ride in the lake or trek to chembra peak at this hill station. The best time to visit is winters.


This has become the heaven for nature lovers and those who have an interest in wildlife and the place is most visited by these people. You’ll get to see anything tea and coffee plantations asking with the beautiful and divine temple and wildlife sanctuaries. You can pay a visit to Suruli falls; Anakarra; Mangla Devi Temple. You can have fun while doing various types of activities like bamboo rafting; elephant Safari; Border hiking or can visit Periyar Wildlife sanctuary and also you can do camping here. The best time to visit our said to be from October to February.


This beautiful hill station is full of attractions whether it’s the beautiful environment or the wildlife sanctuaries following the tea and coffee plantations and much more. You can engage in various activities like trekking; Elephant rides; hiking or spring the various wild animals at Idukki wildlife sanctuary. You can take a walk and risk through the beautiful plantations for attaining some peace and make your mind relaxed. Valara Waterfalls; Idukki arch dam; Keezharkuthu falls are some of the famous and popular places to visit. November to February is said to be the best time to visit this place.

If you want to take some break from your busy city life and get some relaxation you must visit these hill stations. If you get bored of the beaches and the Plainfields just explore these beautiful mountains and dive into the beauty and peace of all these places.
There are many other hill stations in Kerala and some of are Ponmudi, Peermedu, Malampuzha, Gavi, Vithura, Kalpetta, Ranni, Malayattur and much more. You should ask these places once in you life.

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