5+Best Hill Stations To Visit Near Bangalore Under 100 Kms

5+Best Hill Stations To Visit Near Bangalore Under 100 Kms

The southern part of India has many beautiful hill stations which are away from the hectic city life and gives you a refreshing weekend getaway or great one-day picnic experience. There are several hill stations to visit near Bangalore which are best for spending some quality time away from the scorching heat of summer.

The hills stations of Bangalore consists of beautiful picturesque views, waterfalls, rivers, lakes beautiful flora and fauna and many more things to explore.

We have shortlisted some of the best and amazing hill stations for your gang to have a chilling weekend holiday and for your family also. Read till the end.

Hill Stations To Visit


This hill station lies at a height of 1450 above sea level and is also known as Kalavara Durga hills among the locals of the area. The place is well known for trekking and when you trek to the top facing some difficulties you’ll see a spectacular view of stars at night and you must spend s night under the stars.

This trekking spot offers you a trekking experience even at night also and is the only place in Bangalore. The mountains offer you the best city views and the natural beauty of this place will amuse you and fill you up with joy.

The best time to visit this hill is from October to February and some major attractions are Papagani Temple and Tipu Sultan fort.

Nandi Hills

This place is truly a hidden paradise for nature lovers and is the best hill station to visit in Bangalore. The hill station is nearly about 60 km from the city and it has many of the best viewpoints and sightseeings. Along with some beautiful temples. Tipu Sultan Summer palace is one of the famous attractions of this place and you must visit that place.

The best time to visit these hill stations is from October to June when the climate is pleasant and you can enjoy the best sunrise. You can also indulge in activities like paragliding and many other adventurous activities.


This place is one of the unexplored places in Bangalore and is well known for its trekking experience. The hill station is nearly about 70 km from Bangalore and is an ideal destination for adventure seekers and thrill activity lovers. The place is well famous for trekking, Rick climbing, and caving or cave exploring as they are so many caves formed with rocks.

You can also enjoy freshwater springs which add more fun to your trip. The trekking and other activities are also safe for those who are beginners and the best part is that you can spend a night on a hill in the caves or you can do camping here.

The hill lies at an altitude of 1700 metres and is one of the best hill stations near Bangalore. The best time to travel anthargange is from October to March.


The hill station is nearly 80 km from Bangalore and comes in the list of best hill stations to visit near Bangalore due to its beautiful views and the famous Shiva temples. The place is also good for trekking and while you trek to the mountain or travel through it you’ll find many water spots with water inside it.

It is said to be the holy water of the river Ganga. The name of the hill is derived from here.

The major attraction of this place is the marvellous ‘Nandi statue’ and Patala Gange, Gangadheshwar temple are other famous attractions of this place. The best time to visit this beautiful hill station is from October to March as the climate is very good and you can enjoy it to the fullest here with your friends and family.


If you are a nature lover and want to experience a beautiful environment, you must visit this place. Melagiri hills are nearly about 85 kms from Bangalore City and are one of the best and beautiful hill stations to visit near Bangalore.

You will see the breathtaking Hogenakkal waterfalls, one of the oldest waterfalls globally which are also very mesmerising and beautifull to see.

The place is well equipped with many flora and fauna and is home to rare species of elephants and many species of birds also. The hill has an elevation of about 1400 m from sea level and do you know many Indian movies have been shot here. Must add this place to your bucket list.

There are many other hill stations near Bangalore you can visit but they are too far from the city and sometimes it becomes difficult and time taking to reach there. The above-mentioned hill stations are the nearest and asking the best hill stations for a perfect weekend trip from Bangalore. You must explore all these places I’ve in your life and also the trekking experience of these areas. You’ll not regret it.

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