5 Stunning Tourist places in West Bengal You Must Visit Once(2021)

5 Stunning Tourist places in West Bengal You Must Visit Once(2021)

It is the destination for art lovers, culture enthusiasts, sports lovers and admirers of history and architecture. West Bengal is famous for its terracotta temples of Bishnupur. The top places to visit in West Bengal are Kolkata, Darjeeling, Sundarban National Park, Siliguri, Mirik etc. In West Bengal, there are some famous food dishes that everyone must try – Kathi rolls, Shukto, Jhal muri etc. Roshugulla and Rajbhog are the two most famous sweet dishes of West Bengal. Let’s explore tourist places in West Bengal.

It is a state in northern India, between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal. Bengali is the main language of this state. Here, you can find every type of tourist place like you can visit museums, national parks, toy trains, temples, memorials, adventurous parks etc. This is the safest as well as the best place to visit with your family and friends.

Tourist places in West Bengal


Darjeeling is famous for tea planting as well as momos. It is lovingly called the ‘Queen of The Hills”. Darjeeling is one of the best tourist places in West Bengal. It is famous for its tea gardens, tiger hill, toy train and ropeway. These are some activities which everyone should try to feel the amazing experience in Darjeeling. The fragrance of refreshing tea leaves and one cup of hot tea in your hand will mesmerize you completely.

This place is best for those who love peace and calmness. Couples can enjoy this place a lot as there is no nuisance and they can spend their time without any disturbance. Darjeeling is also famous for its Greenery. As you will enter Darjeeling, you will see gardens, tea gardens, greenery everywhere that will give relaxation to your mind as well as body. One can also practice meditation here. This is the most famous and best place to visit in West Bengal.


It is being the capital of West Bengal, is a hub of tourist attractions. This place is famous for its culture, history and festivals. It is the largest metropolitan city in India. It is ranked as the first place for tourist spot in Kolkata. You can find every type of mouth-watering dish here like Bengali – style biryani, yummy rosellas etc. The famous temple ‘Dakshineswar’ which is surrounded by monkeys is also a very famous destination in Kolkata.

Bengal is one of those places which everyone wants to explore. If you are also someone who delights in taking a deep look into rich. The culture and history of a place, then the place of West Bengal gives you millions of reasons to be there and explore it. Howrah Bridge, park street, Victoria memorial, Birla temple etc. Are some highlighting tourist spots in Kolkata.


It is also a Tiger reserve and a biosphere reserve that provides a complete nature’s circle to the tourists. The best time to visit Sunderbans is from September to March. It is also known as the ‘land of mangroves’. This is a home to various untamed life species, the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’ is a famous species in Sunderbans. At present this is a home to 250 tigers and homes to many birds, reptiles etc.

This natural heaven is situated about 110 km from Kolkata. This is one of the top national parks in India. Sunderbans is only accessible by boat and exploring it in this way is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed. Don’t be hopeful of seeing any tiger though. This is the only place where you can see the Royal Bengal tiger. That’s why this place is considered as the most beautiful as well as the adventurous place also.


It is known as the longest beach in India. Mandarmani is the fastest growing tourist spot in West Bengal. The local people of West Bengal call it ‘Mandarboni’. The beach at Mandarmani is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. At Mandarmani, you will be served many activities as one can also enjoy water sports like surfing, jet skiing, bungee jumping etc. So this beach is a favourite spot for a group of friends.

For shopping of ornaments as well as objects made of seashell are also available here in plenty. Whether you are a romantic soul, an adventure seeker,
or a nature lover, Mandarmani has elements to keep you enchanted. The famous Mandarmani beach will keep you entertained with adventure sports and sea activities.


known for its ancient temples, Bishnupur is a history lovers’ paradise. Bishnupur has some beautiful terracotta temples and a prosperous Balucheri Saree industry. Except this, here are some other temples also like Radha Govinda temple, Rasmancha etc. where you can also visit. This temple depicts art and culture.

This temple here stands to give proof of the rich architecture of the past. Its remarkable terracotta temples and terracotta pottery are the main attractions. This is a small town in West Bengal particularly famous for temples. This is a famous attraction among tourists. The best time to visit this place is from October to march. It is famous for its rich culture including handicrafts, music and architecture.

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