5 Mountains in Thailand You Definitely Need to Visit

5 Mountains in Thailand You Definitely Need to Visit

Thailand is that beautiful country that every traveller wants to visit at least once. The endless sea and all the beaches keep attracting millions to its doorsteps every year. The lovely environment always feels welcoming and it is a country where there is a spot for everyone. It is as perfect for a family vacation as it is for couples or solo travellers. The mountains in Thailand are too fabulous to ignore when you are in Thailand. You must visit these five mountains, if not more.

Backpackers will find travelling around this country extremely convenient and it is a haven for everyone who loves nature. The authentic beauty of this country can be credited to its luscious greenery and numerous islands that spread out in the magnificent turquoise sea. This country shows its love for Buddha through thousands of Buddhist temples that can be found everywhere.

Party goers are most fascinated by the full moon parties that are as crazy as they are fun. Thailand holiday packages offer a lot more than you can expect and surprises that will never stop. But one thing about Thailand that might be overshadowed by its other fantastic destinations is that this place is also a paradise for hikers.

Doi Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai

Only about one and a half hour ride away from Chiang Mai is Thailand’s famous Doi Chiang Dao, the third highest peak in the country. Standing at 2,175 meters tall, Doi Chiang Dao is a part of the Daen Lao Range. If you are looking for a remote hiking experience, you would find this mountain is perfect for that also.

You are only allowed to hike with a guide and that is for your comfort and benefit. Bird watchers will be pleased to find that this mountain is home to some extremely rare bird species. And hiking on this mountain is a memorable and fun experience.

Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai

At 2,565 meters, Doi Inthanon is the highest peak in Thailand. A two-hour drive from Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon needs to be on top of your list. The foggy top of this mountain lets you experience what it is like to stand in the clouds. You would also find shops, cafes and toilets on top of the mountain. It is one of the most beautiful Mountains in Thailand.

Start descending into the white clouds as you continue to see the famous attractions on the way. You will have to buy separate tickets to enter the park but we guarantee that it is worth every penny. Moreover, The beautiful flowers and birds will keep you company all through your hike along with breathtaking views.

Phu Chi Fa, Chiang Rai

A national forest park in Thailand, Phu Chi Fa is located on the northeast side of the Phi Pan Nam Range. Phu Chi Fa means the mountain that points to the sky and it sums up what you can expect from this lovely mountain. Moreover, The cliff seems to go down and disappear in the clouds and in front of you would be the magnificent endless horizon.

Moreover, Sunrises are the ones to witness here as you see the light slowly spread through the sea of mist and reach you, it truly is an experience not to be missed. You can’t miss this in list of Mountains in Thailand.

Phu Lang Ka, Phayao

Phu Lang Ka mountain is a part of the Phu Lang Ka national park of Thailand. This peak is famous for the glorious view you get from here. The fog surrounding Phu Lang Ka mountain lets the sunlight sieve through it, which then casts its spells all over the Phu Lang Ka national park.

The nearby mountain peaks rising through the mist covering the place look like tiny islands on this wide ocean of fog. Climb the Phu Lang Ka peak and also witness this spellbinding beauty first-hand.

Doi Samer Dao, Nan

If you are a lover of the night sky and like to lie down and appreciate the neverending mysteries and ethereal beauty of the night sky, then what better place to do so other than the mountain Doi Samer Dao whose name translates to ‘next to the stars’. Fall asleep to the stars that light up the sky like millions of fireflies spread throughout and wake up to a lovely and sweet sunrise to start another better day with newer adventures.

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