5+ Best Places To Visit In Pushkar Updated(2021)

5+ Best Places To Visit In Pushkar Updated(2021)

Pushkar is a town touching the border of the Thar desert, in the northeastern Indian state of Rajasthan. The town has hundreds of temples. Pushkar is famous for its annual fair (Pushkar camel fair). The best time to visit this place is between November and March. There are many beautiful places to visit in Pushkar and explained below.

Places to visit in Pushkar

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar lake is located in the town of Ajmer district of Rajasthan. It is a belief that one – dip in this sacred lake can cure all skin diseases and can cleanse the sins of people. Over 500 Hindu temples are situated over the lake. This is the most famous tourist place in Pushkar. This place is very calm and the sunrise and sunset also look very beautiful to watch from here. This lake is considered one of the holiest lakes in India according to the Hindus. This lake is located in the centre of Pushkar city.

One can easily reach here by taking a bus or hiring a taxi from Ajmer. Apart from Indians, many foreigners are also attracted to this place and every year a huge no. Of foreigners come to visit this place. This lake is also known as Pushkar Sarovar. This is known as the sacred lake of Rajasthan. Some people also know this lake as ‘Pushkar Sarovar’. The Pushkar lake is a sacred water body, also known as ‘TirthaRaj’.

Brahma Temple

Jagatpita Brahma Mandir is a Hindu temple which is situated at Pushkar in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This is only one prominent temple dedicated to the Hindu creator god. This is the perfect place for spirituality. Although, Pushkar is boasted with more than 500 temples Brahma temple is the most famous among all the temples. This is the only temple in the world which is dedicated to ‘Lord Brahma’.

This temple is an important and famous visiting place of Rajasthan tourism. The best time to visit here is during October and march because in these months the weather remains calm and pleasant. The most important thing one has to know about this temple is that this temple remains close in the afternoon time between 1:30 pm to 3.00 pm. People from across the world come here to visit this place.

Pushkar Camel Fair

This is one of the most famous destinations of Pushkar. This is also known as ‘Kartik Mela’. This fair is held every year in November. There are many adventures activities to do at this fair. Kids, as well as old age people, can enjoy this fair. This fair consists of many multiple shops which represent Rajasthani art and culture. Some activities like a magic show, puppet show, camel ride and the most famous Rajasthani folk dance ‘ghoomar’ are also presented in front of people.

People visit this fair to witness the beauty of Rajasthani culture. For a long time, Rajasthani culture is fascinating the foreigners also. People from different countries come here to know more about Rajasthani culture. Artists from across the world are invited to perform at the fair to show their skills.

Rose Garden

Pushkar is generally referred to as the ‘rose garden’ of Rajasthan due to the availability of roses on a large scale. In this garden, you can see a wide variety of roses here. This rose garden has become the spot of an eye – attraction of the people. The rose garden is the most enchanting place in Pushkar. This garden is proved as a relaxation spot as people come here to walk or just to sit and smell the essence of these roses.

In the evening, the weather is pleasant and people just sit here to enjoy the view. Some of the roses are grown by the local farmers as well as some roses are also sourced from different parts of the world. One can find a wide variety of colourful roses here.

Pushkar Bazar

This place is famous for Rajasthani cultural shopping. In this bazaar, you can find Rajasthani handmade crafts, pieces of art etc. The most fascinating thing about this market is that here you will find many handmade things such as decor items, jewellery etc.

Camel safari

With the help of a camel safari, one can explore the entire Pushkar. The camel safari and jeep safari are two main activities one can enjoy on a Rajasthan tour.

There are many other places to visit in Pushkar like temples, lakes, deserts and many more places which will amuse you and are great for a perfect holiday trip with your friends and family.

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