16 Best Hyderabadi Food Cuisines You Must Try

16 Best Hyderabadi Food Cuisines You Must Try

Hyderabadi cuisine is a style of cooking that developed in the kitchens of the Nizam’s palace in Hyderabad, India, from a mixture of Mughlai and Telugu styles. Hyderabadi food emphasizes rich sauces and rice dishes.

The Indian city of Hyderabad is a hub of several cultures and ethnicities. The tastes that have been created here are not only more diverse than the norm but also include some very popular dishes that haven’t been seen anywhere else in the world.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why Hyderabadi cuisine is so popular, its history in Southern India, and some traditional recipes for you to try at home!

Hyderabadi cuisine is full of a variety of different culinary styles and recipes from the Hyderabad region in India. Many dishes hail from this cuisine. Some of these include biryani, Hyderabadi chicken biryani, and qorma (meat stew). These dishes are popular amongst locals as well as foreigners visiting Hyderabad from all over the country and abroad!

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabad Biryani is a rice dish that is preparing in the North Indian city of Hyderabad. It’s one of the specialities found within India, and it’s typically cooked with mutton or chicken, onions, tomatoes, pearl onions (mooli), different types of nuts, raisins or sultanas (puttoo), dry fruits including apricots and dates (kishmish), vegetable balls ‘Nadarkhani, chicken curry paste called ‘korma paste’, cardamom-flavoured ghee, saffron-infused water/milk/yoghurt/cream to cook in before serving.

The Hyderabadi Haleem

It is a rice-based stew with meat and legumes. This traditional food of the Hyderabad region in India has been cooked for centuries. The recipe that has become popular throughout India involves cooking with ghee, or clarified butter which gives this dish a rich taste. With just a handful of ingredients, it’s easy to make at home too! Haleem is traditionally served on special occasions in Hyderabad with lavash bread, naan bread or rice.

Hyderabadi Marag

The cuisine of Telangana, India, Hyderabadi Marag is a spicy dish that is made with many delicious spices. The most focused spice in this recipe is chilli pepper, which gives it an authentic spicy taste. The main ingredients in the dish are rice and goat meat.

This recipe is not a difficult one to make and can be done in an hour or less depending on the number of people you are cooking for. It is a mutton soup with tender meat pieces and spices. It is one of the famous non-vegetarian Hyderabadi food cuisines.

Hyderabadi Kebab

The Hyderabadi kebab is an Indian dish, originating in the region of Telangana. It is made up of skewered mutton or chicken pieces that are either grilled or shallow-fried before being served with a side of naan, kachumber salad and papri chutney.

The word “kebab” in this case refers to bits and pieces (or minced meat) rather than chunks (or cutlets). There are various ways to prepare kebabs in Hyderabad.

Dum Pukht

Hyderabadi Dum Pukht is a traditional Hyderabadi preparation of meat cooked in a sealed pot, oven or tandoor over an open fire with spices and condiments, generally, the best spices are chosen for the dish. Some people call it ‘dum’ as it is cooked sealed in a lightweight clay pot or handi.

The variations of this dish are so minimal that they can be made using different meats and vegetables with minimal changes to the cooking technique. The main ingredient required in making is Mutton. 

Mirchi ka Salan

It is one of the tastiest and simplest dishes that you can prepare for dinner. The dish gets its name from the red chilli peppers, also called “mirch”, that are used in it. The spicy dish is made with tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, onions and green chillies.

These ingredients are all mixed and cooked with spices such as turmeric, coriander powder and red chilly powder to produce a thick gravy that coats pieces of chicken or lamb on the bone. It is spicy Hyderabadi gravy cuisine made from medium-sized chillis, onion, tomato and a variety of spices.

Hyderabadi Nihari

Nihari is considered by many to be the best dish in Hyderabad. It consists of beef, goat, or chicken simmered in a thick gravy-like sauce for hours with spices like coriander, cumin, and black pepper. The meat is then ground into a paste before being cooked; it can be eaten on its own or used as an ingredient for various dishes like burani (a rich stew).

Nihari also shares its name with the region where it’s traditionally prepared—Hyderabad—and was featured in many Mughal-era paintings.

Keema Samosa

One traditional dish from Hyderabad, a city also known as the city of Nizams, is the famous Hyderabadi food Keema Samosa. The use of potato filling and ground lamb or mutton makes this a unique take on conventional samosas. Hyderabadi keema samosas are a popular snack or lunch that may be served with mint chutney and tamarind chutney.

The dish was introduced by the Nizams of Hyderabad (a historical dynasty known for its opulence and patronage of art and culture) in their kitchens.

Gosht Pasinde

If you’re looking for a hearty, Hyderabadi food dish that’s easy to make, you won’t find any better than Gosht Pasinde. The name alone lets you know how delicious it is! You can use lamb or beef for this riveting roux of spices and green onions.

Gosht Pasinde is the perfect winter dish. It’s so warm and satisfying, it’ll leave you feeling much more content than when you first sat down for dinner. It’s also very much family-friendly which makes it a great choice if you’re having guests over or hosting a holiday meal.

Murgh Do Pyaza

The Hyderabadi food Murgh do Pyaza is a classic North Indian dish. The name “Murgh do Pyaza” means “Chicken with Butter and Onion”. This dish is known for its two main ingredients: chicken and onions. The chicken can be marinated in yoghurt or any other suitable mixture.

The chicken is stir-fried on high heat with the onions, some garam masala, chilli powder and coriander leaves until they are thoroughly cooked. It is another famous Hyderabadi cuisine. This recipe is simple but very delicious!

Burani Raita

Hyderabadi Burani Raita, or braised curd with chickpeas and mixed vegetables, is a dish from the famous Hyderabad of India. Hyderabad is located in the southern region of India and this dish has been eaten for generations.

The unique taste comes from the spices like amchur powder (dried mango powder), jeera (cumin) and black salt which goes deep into the curd to give it an interesting flavour.


Qubani Ka Meetha

Ever had a sweet tooth? Qubani ka Meetha is the answer to your prayers. It’s an Indian dessert that divides into six layers and is made with condensed milk and cardamom, giving it a distinct flavour that you won’t soon forget.

It can be eaten warm or cold, depending on the preference of the eater. And believe us when we say that it is worth trying. It is one of the most famous Hyderabadi sweet food items you must try once.

Hyderabadi Khurma

The popular Hyderabadi dessert known as khurma is made with many layers of thin dough, soaked in sugar syrup, and then cooked on a tawa or griddle. It can be eaten for breakfast with milk, preferably black or green tea with almond milk. The dish is also commonly served as a sweet dish after meals during celebrations such as Diwali.

This dish has varied regional variations due to the different ingredients available locally. For example, one particular form of Khurma uses flour instead of wheat flour. Another popular addition is saffron (Kesar).


If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying falooda, then listen up! Falooda is an iced dessert with noodles, vermicelli, and wheat germ topped with sweet rose syrup. It’s often served in tall glasses with a special straw called a Kolhapur so the customer can drink the refreshed mixture through layers of iced liquids.

It may not be your typical ice cream treat, but it’s worth trying. Falooda originated in India and is traditionally made during Ramadan due to its healing qualities – most notably for easing indigestion and headaches.

Irani Chai

Irani Chai is a sweet tea made with black tea, sugar, milk, spices and cardamom pods. The original recipe consists of five ingredients: black tea leaves, sugar cubes or broken pieces of quartz sugar, water droplets from evaporated milk, spice pods (e.g., cinnamon sticks), and roasted cardamom seeds.

The main quality of this is, it is boiled for hours over low flame. And, then served with thick biscuits which enhances the taste. It is one of the most loved Hyderabadi cuisines by the people and you can find it easily anywhere.


Hyderabadi Phirni is an Indian dessert that is kind of like bread pudding. It is a dessert from the Hyderabad region of India, made with rice flour, milk, sugar and nuts. It can be served hot or cold and has a delicate texture that melts in your mouth. Hyderabadi Phirni has both the wheat dough and yoghurt mixed to create a “bread” batter which then is piled into a dish and baked until the top looks just like a phirni or pudding. Also, this dessert can be served with ice cream on top for added sweetness and texture contrast.

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