14 Healthy benefits of drinking beer you must know.

14 Healthy benefits of drinking beer you must know.

Beer has many drinking benefits which are known to very few people. 14 Healthy benefits of drinking beer are listed below. We always heard about the harmful effects of alcohol and beer. But today we will discuss the positive benefits of drinking beer in the limits. Beer is a famous drink among youths and is the drunkest alcohol item. Underwritten are some of the benefits of drinking beer but in a limited quantity.

Full of antioxidants

Beer us full of antioxidants. Vitamin E is one of the major antioxidants and, apart from it, it is vital in the maintenance of healthy skin, and it also slows down the ageing process in the person who drinks beer. The antioxidants present beer is equal to that of the present in wine, but some specific antioxidants are different from wine because the barley and hops are used in the production of beer contain flavonoids which help the body in a good and effective way.

Full of nutrition

It is found that beer is full of nutritious vitamins like Vitamin B6, vitamin E and many others. B vitamins, phosphorus, folate and niacin are some of nutrients or minerals present. Beer also has some prominent protein and fibres. The protein and vitamin B present in beer are higher than that of the present in wine.It is one among 14 Healthy benefits of drinking beer.

Good Heart health

According to securities studies, or is found that drinking beer daily can help you stay away from heart diseases. Drinking a pint or a glass of beer daily will provide you with many health benefits and one among is it keeps your heart healthy. It is found that people who drink beer daily have a good heart than who don’t. It gives you protection from one of the most dangerous heart attack. It is most helpful in preventing heart attack. It keeps your heart healthy for a long time. It improves your heart stability and boosts up the circulation of blood in the body.

No kidney stone

Researchers found that beer helps to prevent kidney stones up to a great extent. Whereas huge consumption of alcohol leads to kidney stone, a small amount of beer daily will reduce the risk of kidney stone in the human body. Drinking in limits will reduce the risk of forming or developing off the stone. A person who drinks beer daily will not get kidney stone easily until he/she drinks in a huge quantity. Beer is one of the cause for kidney stone but it is also the medicine. A pint for women and two for men are enough to fight with the risk of kidney stone.

No bad cholesterol

It is one of the most drinks which helps you maintain your cholesterol level. It keeps the level of HDL high and LDL moderate. It increases the amount of HDL in the body. This is because of the contents present in a beer like carbohydrates and alcohol that helps in increasing triglycerides quickly. Phytosterols present in beer which are one of the plant compounds that helps to bind cholesterol and throws it out of your body. It also contains sterols which are effective for the body. But again, only a small consumption of beer will be effective. Huge consumption will react you causing huge damage.

Fat loss

Beer helps you to lose your weight due to xanthohumol. Securities studies have found that xanthohumol, a flavonoid found mainly in hops and beer, helped in reduction of weight. Consumption of beer in huge amount leads to gaining of weight. So you have to drink it is a small amount to stay fit. it comes under 14 Healthy benefits of drinking beer.

Strong bones

Refusal consumption of beer will really affect your bones. It is found that consumption of beer in moderate limits will help your bones stay stronger and healthy for a long time. It highly increases density. Due to a compound named silicon asking with other compounds mainly helps in increasing bone density thereby making bones stronger than ever.

No stress

It is found that alcohol is most effective in reducing stress and depression. It is true that alcohol can reduce stress. Alcohol is considered as a sedative and a depressant drink that directly affects the central nervous system reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. When you are stressed or troubled by tension, a glass of beer or two can help you get relief.

Sharp memory

It is proved that drinking beer will help you give sharper and stronger memory. Xanthohumol is the main ingredient which increases your brain health. It helps you create a focus on your studies. It improves brains immunity power and functioning of the brain. But again, only a small consumption of beer will be effective. Huge consumption will react you causing huge damage.

Improve eyesight

Just consuming the right amount of beer, it will really help you to improve your eyesight and if you see blur images, it will really benefit you. It also prevents cataract diseases. The antioxidants found in beer, particularly ales and stouts, protect against the damage of mitochondria. You will get better and improved eyesight for the whole life.

No diabetes

Because of the alcohol present in beer, Moderate consumption of beer regularly may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It will reduce the risk by 30-40% if you consume daily 24 g of beer. Drinking in large quantity will be harmful to diabetic people. It is very for women’s also. It is one among 14 Healthy benefits of drinking beer.

Good sleep

It is true that alcohol really a depressant and a sedative drink which have positive effects on your body, so indulging in an evening nightcap can help you raise the level of drowsiness in your body and help you fall asleep faster after drinking. It also affects the production of the chemical adenosine, which induce sleepiness in your body.

Best skin

The vitamins present in beer reduce acne breakouts and add the natural glow to your skin. Beer acts as a good cleanser and helps dissolve all dead skin cells, and increases the elasticity of your skin. By balancing the skin’s pH levels, beer cleans and nourishes the skin. It reduces pimples and prevents you from anti-ageing.

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