13 Warm Places to Visit in December in the USA

13 Warm Places to Visit in December in the USA

In the winter, an average person is most likely to spend their time indoors. This makes it easy for them to get bored and shiver inside as they look out across the white snow. But what if there was an escape? A way for people to experience the outdoors without all the cold? One place that may give you these feelings is a warm December in America. Here are some recommendations on where you can go if you know someone who loves winter more than they like spending it indoors. If you’re looking for a fun time this winter, these vibrant cities have you covered. Here are the top 10 warm places to visit in December in the USA.

1) Savannah, Georgia: a slow-paced retreat in warm weather

In the northeast part of Georgia, you’ll find Savannah, the oldest city in the state. With a comfortable and mild December temperature of about 63 degrees, it is still a gorgeous city with many historic buildings.

The perfect place to escape from the cold winter months, Savannah is a slow-paced area full of fun things to do when December comes around. It has been called one of the most haunted cities in the country. Because along with its beautiful scenery and historic architecture, it was also one of the major cities for cotton exports during slavery.

This resulted in many enslaved people being held within its walls and becoming ghosts that looked for revenge against those who slaughtered their people.

2) Beaufort, South Carolina: a tropical playground in winter

As you head north, you will find the warmest place to visit in December in the south. Beaufort is a city that lies on the Atlantic coast. With an average of 60 degrees, it has a beautiful climate that makes it easy to enjoy any winter activity or come here and relax and chill out.

Because it lies between Savannah and Charleston, many people who come to this area find they get great weather all year. This is one of the places most visited during winter. Where many tourists take advantage of its outdoor attractions. Which includes biking, kayaking, swimming, boating, and more.

3) Kauai, Hawaii: a true paradise in winter

Located in Kauai, Hawaii, it is one of the warmest places to visit during winter. It is surrounded by water and has a tropical climate all year round. Average temperatures in December range from 70 to 74 degrees, and you can expect warm days and cool nights.

You can enjoy many things here during the winter, including relaxing at a spa, taking long walks on the beach with your family, or taking boat tours around the island.

If you love adventure and being outdoors, Kauai is one of the most beautiful in December.

4) Key West, Florida: a southern experience in warm weather

Located at the southern tip of Florida is the city of Key West. With its beautiful beaches and warm temperatures, this is a place where you can enjoy the beach in December. It has an average 67-degree temperature, but it’s not uncommon to see temperatures around 70 degrees.

This makes it easy to slip on your swimsuit or shorts and head down to the beach for fun. You can also come for a night out at one of their many clubs or bars if you’d like.

One of Key West’s most famous places is Mallory Square, known as “the sunset capital of the world.”

5) Dry Tortugas, Florida: a great place to do some snorkeling

In the southern region of Florida, you can find Dry Tortugas. This area is known for its crystal-clear water and coral reefs. It is a popular place for people who love to snorkel or scuba dive.

Over 100 species of fish live in this body of water, and the average sea temperature is 74 degrees, so it’s a perfect winter destination. You can take a day trip out here or spend multiple days if you enjoy fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.

This area has been called one of Florida’s top destinations by many publications. because it offers an authentic tropical experience within the United States in December.

6) Honolulu, Hawaii: a perfect place to relax

You’ll find the city of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. This area has warm weather all year round, and people who visit love to take advantage of this. Because it’s surrounded by water, the ocean here is warm enough to swim in during December.

The average temperature in December ranges between 70 degrees and 75 degrees which means you can easily enjoy swimming or snorkeling when you come here this winter.

Beautiful mountains and grassy hills also surround you, so Honolulu offers a great escape from winter weather if you like to hike or explore nature.

7) Laguna Beach, California: an artistic town that’s also warm

Situated along the California coast, Laguna Beach is a great place to spend your winter. With an average of 65 degrees in December, it’s easy to spend time on the beach and enjoy the warm water.

You’ll also find plenty of beaches in this area and a clear ocean, so you can come here and snorkel or scuba dive whenever you’d like. It is among the best warm places to visit in December in the USA.

If you love art, this city has some of the most well-known galleries. Including the Laguna Beach Art Museum, which houses over 150 works from local artists and traveling exhibitions from around the world.

8) Lake Kissimmee, Florida: a place to jump right in the water

Located at the southern tip of Florida, Lake Kissimmee is a place that’s known for its warm and clear blue waters. The average temperature of this body of water is 74 degrees. making it easy for you to enjoy swimming even after being outside in December.

You’ll also find many mini-beaches here because of the artificial lake, so you can go for walks any time of year. It is one of the best warm places to visit in December in the USA.

If you like boating, scuba diving, or fishing, this area is perfect because there are many lakes, so you can snorkel or fish all day long in this winter wonderland.

9) Santa Monica, California: a city that’s perfect for the beach bum

It is located in the southern region of California. Santa Monica is a place where many people come to enjoy the beach during the winter. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and warm water, so you can easily spend time on the sand when temperatures drop.

The average temperature here in December is 75 degrees, but it can get up to 85 degrees. So, this is one of the warmest places to visit in December for those who want to enjoy being outdoors.

The city has an urban landscape with a mix of entertainment, shopping, and dining, but there are also beautiful mountains if you enjoy hiking or exploring nature.

10) San Diego, California: a vibrant city that’s perfect for the beach

San Diego, California, is an oceanfront city with many beaches. The nearby ocean is warm, making it easy to swim in warm water when you visit here in December.

because you’re surrounded by water and one of the biggest cities in the United States. And there are lots of things to do here, such as shopping, browsing through art galleries, visiting museums, and more.

With nearly 3 million people living in San Diego, you’ll never be bored if you come here to spend time in December when the weather cools.

11) Las Vegas, Nevada: a town that’s always warm

Located in the middle of Nevada is the city of Las Vegas. It’s where people from all over come to experience different things like visiting famous landmarks. And taking advantage of the casinos. With its warm weather throughout the year, you can easily spend time at the casinos playing your favorite games. While taking in some of the best food in December.

In December, you’re likely to see temperatures as high as 75 degrees, so you can easily spend time outside and enjoy what this city offers. for those who want to escape the cold weather and head out on vacation! Las Vegas is one of the best places you can visit during December because it offers a different kind of experience.

12) Clearwater, Florida: a quiet town with a lot to do

Located in the western region of Florida, Clearwater has warm weather all year around. In December, the temperature is generally 70 degrees or more, and you’ll find that there are always things to do here.

The city is home to many events throughout the year, including parades and festivals, so you can quickly meet new people who visit this city during December.

Across from Tampa Bay, this is an excellent place for people who love fishing or snorkeling because you can find excellent fish and coral reefs in this area. If you want to see what life is like in Florida in December, Clearwater is a place worth visiting.

13) Miami, Florida: a city that’s hot and filled with culture

Miami is located along the coast of Florida and is known for its tropical weather. The average temperature here is about 75 degrees in December, but it can get as high as 80 degrees. This city offers many activities for you to take advantage of, and you’ll find many outdoor activities in this area. To visit with family, the best warm places to visit in December are in the USA.

There are many races to compete in, including biking, running, swimming, and more. So, this is a great place to come if you enjoy competing against others or want to do something exciting during your winter vacation.


This list was created specifically to show the best places in the United States where you can survive winter during December.

With the variety of warm weather cities in this country, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere that suits your needs. These cities have a lot to offer, and they’re just waiting for you to visit, so be sure to get out and enjoy being warm during December!

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