13+ Most Visited And Magnificent Church In Goa

13+ Most Visited And Magnificent Church In Goa

The most popular destinations in India are no doubt the beaches and the mountains. But there is a better place to visit than any of these – and it’s called Goa! From the beautiful white sand to the scenic views, from its coral reefs to the nearby temples, this destination has all that an Indian tourist could want. Church In Goa is a must-visit destination for attaining Spiritual Peace and Serene Beauty.

Located in the west of India, Goa has spread across an area of about 25,000 sq. km. The state has a population of 1.2 million and is known for its high literacy rate and low unemployment rate. Though Goa has only been a popular holiday destination for five decades, it already has a great reputation globally.

The state’s name itself means “Abode of God”. We don’t know about you but we think that this place must be very holy! Some religions believe that the world will end! So you can’t do anything during these days and Goa will be the last place left to visit in the world…

In particular, one religious sect dominates Goa’s tourism scene: Christianity. And we’re not just talking about churches. There are several beautiful cathedrals, chapels, and other such places of worship in Goa.

The Most Famous Churches In Goa Are:

The very famous churches in goa include the Church of St. Francis Xavier, the Church of Our Lady of Good Health, the Church of the Holy Rosary and St. Anne’s Church. The glorious churches like St Ignatius Loyola, Mother Teresa’s Chapel are so beautiful that you don’t need to believe in God to visit there.


1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

This church is located in the city of Old Goa. This church is the tomb of the great king of Portugal and this church is known for its awesome architectural beauty. The church is full of art, sculpture and painting which makes it more beautiful than any other Churches In Goa.


2. Churches Of St Francis Xavier

The churches are sometimes known as Old Churches and also as Jesuits Churches. These are located in Goa Velha city and are so attractive that they attract tourists from all over the world to visit them every year. These churches were constructed by the Portuguese during their rule in India and have been standing strong for almost 500 years now!

3. Se cathedral (the largest church in Goa)

The cathedral is located in the Velha town of Goa. Also, this church is a Roman Catholic Church and is one of the most visited churches by tourists across the globe.

4. Church Of Our Lady Of The Mount

This church also known as Parcem Church is located in the village of Parcem and attracts a large number of tourists to its place every year. The church was constructed in 1541 and has a very beautiful architectural piece inside it which makes it so special!

5. Church Of Our Lady Of Good Health

This beautiful church is located in South Goa, which was built back in 1670 A.D. This particular style seems to have been adopted by many churches worldwide, especially when it came to architectural beauty.

6. Church of St. Cajetan

Most people associate this church with the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican but that is a mistake. The church is located in the city of North Goa and it is built-in 1687. The church is so popular that many tourists visit it every year!

7. Mae De Deus Church

The church is located in Salingao and was built in 1671 which makes it one of the oldest active churches in Goa. More than 100 years ago the entire village was flooded by ocean water so the church was built on a rock but it still stands today!

8. St Anne’s Church (Margao)

This church was constructed back in 1867 and is a mother church for many smaller churches located within the city of Margao. The church is one of the oldest churches still existing in Goa today! It has been under renovation but after a recent visit, it seems that it will be operational soon.


9.  Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

The church is located in the village of Assagao, Panaji. The church was built over 200 years ago which makes it one of the oldest churches in Goa today. Moreover, this particular style of architecture makes the whole church come alive with an aura of elegance and beauty.

10. Church of St Francis of Assisi

The main attraction of this church is the sculpture inside one of its chapels. The chapel is so beautiful that it can be seen from far away and it has left a great impression on many tourists who have visited this church. In fact, this church was built in 1950 and attracts many tourists every year to visit it!

11. St Anthony’s Chapel

The chapel was closed for renovation at one time and during the renovation, a lot of workers fell into a deep pit which led to the loss of their lives. But thanks to modern technology, the chapel has been completely open these days and can be visited accordingly.

12. Santa Cruz Church

This church is located in the village of Santa Cruz and was built in 1612. The place is popular among tourists who visit Goa because of the beauty that this church possesses. Also, the best part about this church is that it has been converted into a museum, which means you can see a lot of interesting artefacts inside it!

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