13+ Authentic Goa Food Dishes and Unique Goan Cuisines

13+ Authentic Goa Food Dishes and Unique Goan Cuisines

Goa is a popular tourist destination in India with beaches and picturesque sunsets. And if you happen to be a foodie travelling to Goa, you’ll have lots of opportunities to experience Goan food! In this article, we’ll cover some of the most iconic dishes of Goan food that every traveller must try. You’ll be pleasantly surprise at how different your favourite dishes will taste in India!

There is no question that the food in Goa is delicious, with plenty of fresh seafood and succulent vegetables, but it’s also quite spicy. Not everyone likes the heat, but anyone who relishes it will find that they can’t get enough of the region’s variety. There are dishes here for every craving and for any type of diet you can imagine. You can find traditional Goan food, Indo-Goan delights and even continental cuisine.

Anyone who has spent time in Mumbai will know that the city is famous for its street-style food stalls. In Goa, you’ll find them too—and you’ll also find restaurants just as impressive. The choice of international cuisine is broad and very tasty, from Punjabi cuisine to Italian and from French to Mexican. There are also exotic indulgences like frog legs and fondue! You can also enjoy what’s the best Portuguese food outside Portugal—the flavours of Goa are a blend of Portuguese, Hindu and Muslim cultures.

Goan Fish Curry

A clear sign of the place’s multiculturalism is that it’s not just Europeans who are immersing themselves in Goan cuisine. There are plenty of great restaurants for those from other countries, including Chinese and Thai.
It is the staple diet of every goan making it a famous food of goa. The goan fish curry is full of various spices along with coconut. Raw mango is also used to give the dish a tangy flavour. Spicy and tangy, this goan fish curry will surely remind you of all the amazing food you relished in goa during your trip. Of all the region’s dishes, is one of the most well famous is goan fish curry.

Goan Pork Vindaloo

Goa is also famous for pork dishes including, but not limited to, pork vindaloo. Vindaloo is a Portuguese dish that has been adapted to Indian tastes. The word means “with wine and garlic”. In Western India, these spices are traditionally use in the making of vindaloo. It is a very spicy recipe. Pork is an integral part of Goan cuisine.

Chicken Cafreal

Goa is also famous for its chicken dishes. Chicken Cafreal is a very popular choice among tourists. It’s a method of cooking chicken with lots of spices and coconut. It tastes very similar to some chicken tikka recipes that use spices and yoghurt.
This recipe uses coconut, chillies, garlic, ginger powder, tomatoes and onions to make the dish extremely flavourful.

Chicken Xacuti

Xacuti is a Goan chicken dish made with xacuti or coconut milk. It’s very popular and is often serve with a lemon wedge to cool it down. It can also be serve as a main or side dish.
Mixed vegetables are used to cook this chicken dish that is usually eaten with bread and rice. The ingredients include white onions, eggplants, tomatoes, chilli powder and pepper powder.
In this recipe, the chicken breast meat is cooked in coconut milk until tender and then smoked up on charcoal for extra flavour and texture so that the dish looks stunning once you serve it.

Shark Ambot Tik

Shark is used to make this Goan fish dish. It’s a very popular dish among tourists. In addition to this, the spices used in this recipe include coconut and chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder and garam masala. A country famous for its seafood, it’s no wonder that Goa boasts several fish dishes that are to die for.


Goan cuisine is famous for its desserts as well. Bebinca is a popular dessert in Goa, especially at Christmas time. It’s a layered dessert made with egg yolk and coconut milk that can be bought from any local bakery or market. The cake has toppings of cheese and nuts usually cashews and raisins, making it sweet and crunchy at the same time.

Goan Prawns Xeque Xeque

Xeque Xeque is a Goan dish with prawns and coconut milk. The dish is also famous as Xacuti because it is cook in coconut milk. The combination of flavours used in this recipe also includes chilli pepper and coriander powder, among other spices.
Prawns are a popular ingredient in the cuisine of Goa. It’s no wonder then that this recipe features them along with coconut milk to make this dish a mouthwatering delight!


Feijoada is a traditional Portuguese dish that is a Goan twist on the classic dish: a combination of beans, pork and sausages. It is usually serve with boiled rice and salad. Also, this recipe uses green bananas, fish curry and pork.
Feijoada is a traditional Portuguese recipe that has been adapt as an Indian taste. Additionally, the ingredients used in making it include green bananas, pork cubes, salt and pepper powder, coconut oil, black pepper paste, butter and soy sauce among others!


Goa is also famous for its pork delicacies. An unusual pork dish that often surprises tourists is Sorpotel. It’s a combination of Pork and Mutton parts such as the intestines, heart. The other ingredients used in this recipe includes garlic, chilli powder, turmeric and salt among others.
Sorpotel is a very popular traditional Portuguese dish that has been adapted to Goan taste buds. The recipe uses pork and pork offal such as heart and tongue along with salt, chilli powder, garlic and turmeric among other spices to make it one of the most flavourful dishes in Goa!

Fish Recheado

A popular Goan dish, Fish Recheado was brought to Goa by the Portuguese from Lisbon. It’s a fresh seafood dish that uses ingredients such as coconut milk. The recipe calls for white onions, garlic and coriander leaves.
Fish is a big part of Goan cuisine. Fish Recheado is a traditional Portuguese recipe that has been adapted by the Goans to their taste buds.

Crab Xacuti

Crab is a delicious delicacy across the world, but it’s especially popular in Goa. It is a Goan dish made with crab meat. It is sometimes served with pork or fish also. The traditional recipe uses carrots, chilli powder and cinnamon among other spices.
The invention of crab xacuti was brought to Goa by the Portuguese along with the fish species that were grown abundantly in estuaries along the coast and river beds of coastal Goa. In Addition, the dish was introduced to Goans as ‘feijoada’ or ‘carapau’ (the crab).

Samarachi Kodi

Another very popular and traditional Goan dish is Prawns Curry. The prawns are cut into strips making this dish easy to pick up quickly. Following this, the other ingredients include coconut, cinnamon, ginger and chilli among others.
The recipe calls for a small sweet crab also called the Samarachi Kodi. The recipe calls for papaya powder, turmeric, and chicken bouillon cubes.

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