11+ Lipsmacking Food Items Of Andhra Pradesh

11+ Lipsmacking Food Items Of Andhra Pradesh

Every region of India has their speciality when it comes to food. The state of Andhra Pradesh is no different, with its delicious dishes. Food Of Andhra Pradesh typically consists of rice in some form, along with one or more curries or vegetable preparations cooked in a variety of Indian spices. Andhra Pradesh Food is famous for its fiery red chillies and the spicy heat they add to foods.

One dish that is unique to the state are boliyanis, which are typically served at weddings and other celebrations. Besides, Boliyanis are stuffed urn-shaped dumplings, which are steamed and filled with a spicy mix of rice, lentils and vegetables. As well as they have a filling to rice ratio of seventy to thirty.

Andhra Pradesh has its variation on the very popular Indian dish called Jollof Rice, which is often eaten for breakfast or lunch with stew. The Andhra variation calls for the replacement of red chilli powder in the dish with ground ginger powder, which is blended in with the spices when cooking this particular dish.

Food Of Andhra Pradesh

The following is a list of delicious Andhra recipes you cannot miss on your next trip to the regal street of Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabadi Biriyani

Hyderabadis are famous for their mouthwatering biriyani dishes. There are many biriyani recipes in Hyderabad, but all of them taste yummy and authentic. One of the most popular Hyderabadi biriyani recipes is ‘Konakola Ka’ and it consists of meat along with fish (chicken, beef and mutton) cooked in the pressure cooker with onions, tomatoes and spices. In addition, the cabbage biryani is one of the most famous varieties, which is prepare by mixing brains along with eggs. The dish is then boiled for some time.

Bhindi Bhaji

Bhindi means okra in English and bhaji means stir fry in Indian languages. It is a spicy and popular Indian dish, and also common in northern states like Maharashtra and Gujarat. The okra is boiled along with spices until it becomes tender, then it is combined with fried onions, chillies and tomatoes.

Coconut Rice

Rice was traditionally the food of the poor; the rich had a wheat berry or “Pappu” for their meals. Coconut rice or Nuvvulai arise or Nuvvuli arisi is a traditional rice dish from Andhra Pradesh. It has a unique flavour as compared to other rice dishes because of its distinct aroma of fresh coconut and its yellow colour due to the turmeric added during cooking.

Masala Dosa

Dosa or dosai is a unique South Indian dish that can be eat for breakfast and snacks. Dosa made out of lentils and rice flour is famous as masala dosa. It is hard to find a restaurant in India that doesn’t serve masala dosa because it tastes great to the taste buds of all Indians including foreigners who visit India.

Chicken Masala Biryani

Chicken masala biryani is an exotic dish of Hyderabad cuisine. The dish is prepare by cooking aromatic Basmati rice along with spices, raisins and cashew nuts in a pressure cooker. The cooked rice is then layered with fried chicken pieces, vegetables and rich cashew paste to prepare this delicious dish.


Pesarattu or Green Dosa is a batter-base dish which is prepare with green gram and urad dal batter. Furthermore, the recipe includes the addition of spices, tamarind and curry leaves. It is a typical breakfast dish of Andhra Pradesh which tastes best with an assortment of curries like Pori Pori Masala, Sambhar and more.

Gongura Mutton

Gongura mutton is a dish that tastes great. It is a spicy dish with the famous Gongura masala in to it. Gongura or gongura Mutton is also serve as an appetizer with rice, bread and other dishes in many restaurants of Andhra Pradesh.


This is a spicy dish made from lentils and spices. The sour taste of tamarind added during cooking makes it more delicious and distinct. In fact, Sambar goes well with roti or dosa in the morning or evening along with chutney and sambar-rasam to enhance its taste.


Pongal is prepared with four ingredients including rice, sweetened dumplings made of sugar and jaggery called ‘Seva’, coconut pieces, grated coconut and black lentils or urad dal are the basic ingredients of this traditional Indian festival that is celebrated during harvest time in Tamil Nadu and North India.

Kodi Pulao

Kodi pulao is a very simple and easy-to-make rice dish popular in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Also, the dish is made with rice, onions, curd and spices which are sauteed together. Pandi Curry adds more flavour to the Kodi Pulao.

Chekkulu Pappu

Chekkulu Pappu is a delicious dish popular in the Rayalaseema region of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The dish is make with a combination of rice, moong dal, pigeon peas and Ghee or butter. It tastes great when served with gongura sambar or curd rice (puliyogare).

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