11+ Lip-smacking Gujarati Snacks for Munching

11+ Lip-smacking Gujarati Snacks for Munching

Hey there! Gujarat is a region in Western India that sits on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It’s known for its diversity and cultural richness, as well as for its delectable cuisine. Gujaratis love to snack, and since I’m from this region I’ve compiled a list of my favourites below! You don’t have to spend hours reading about all the dishes you’ll find in Gujarati snacks – just read this handy guide instead!

Gujarati snacks mostly comprise savoury snacks, and various shapes and sizes also.

Achars are pickles made from seasonal vegetables or fruits cooked with salt,  sugar and spices in mustard oil. Gujarati Achars are thicker than the other Indian pickles and have a pungent taste due to the abundance of oil used in their preparation.

There are so many different kinds of Gujarati snacks available at any one time depending on the season and what’s available. Veggies like the tangy green sour mangoes and the sweet orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are seasonal delights.

Some Of the Famous Gujarati Snacks

1. Dhokla

Dhokla is a Gujarati savoury, puffed snack made of semolina. Eventually, they are traditionally bake on clay, they are now available everywhere in the city in packets of 12 or more. You can also buy them at roadside stands and from small shops selling roadside snacks.

2. Khichdi

Khichdi is eaten as a main course with rice and roti. The word ‘khichdi’ means ‘a kind of gruel’. It uses rice as its main ingredient and is made by slow steaming it and then mixing it with spices and dal (lentils). It’s usually served alongside roti, rice, pickled mustard greens (vangi) and gosht (mutton) also.

3. Kachori

These are like mini fat cookies, but with an extra crispy outside layer! They’re made using a batter of chickpea flour, wheat flour, ghee and water. Palak kachoris are green maida kachoris that get a coat in spinach-based batter.

4. Khandvi

This is a long, thin, yellow noodle-like thing made from gram flour (besan). Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack. It can be for breakfast or as an appetizer before lunch or dinner. Uncooked Khandvi is sometimes grated and fried before serving. It also contains a filling of some vegetables and coconut.

5. Vegetable Broth

The Gujarati broth is a simple vegetable broth freshly drive using tomatoes, onions, garlic and other spices. It is usually served with dhokla or dals (lentils). You can make this at home by boiling a bunch of veggies in water until they’re nice and soft!

6. Chilla

Chilla is a favourite snack of all Gujaratis. They are really popular in the Kutch region where I’m from, but you’ll find them everywhere else too! Additionally, It’s a pancake made from semolina (roasted gram flour) or rice flour and split chickpea flour (besan).

7. Thepla

Thepla is the Gujarati version of Chapati and is made with a batter made of chickpea flour, besan (split chickpeas), ghee, spices and water. It’s a healthy snack that’s eaten with chutney and dal (lentils) also.

8. Fafda

Fafda is another Gujarati favourite you can find all over the city. Thus, they’re fritters of semolina (roast gram flour) and split chickpea flour (besan).

9. Handvo

It is a spicy and crispy cake made by using a bottle guard or rice flour and ghee. You can also garnish it with the freshly grated coconut and use black pepper, chopped chillies, and curry leaves to give it a different taste.

10. Muthia

It is another popular snack that you can enjoy with chutney or sauce. It has a delicious filling of fried potato, peas and nuts. They are a steam fried dumpling-shaped snack made using desi ghee and besan.

11. Dal-Vada

This is not only a Gujarati snack but also an Andhra Pradesh snack. It is made from split pigeon peas and urad dal (a type of lentil). It can be had for breakfast alongside hot milk or sweetened milk and buttermilk.

12. Khakhra

It is a Gujarati delicacy, also available in various flavours like the regular khakhra, jowar khakhra, bhuna Khakhra and chawal Khakhra which translates as ‘Rice bread’.

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