11+ Best Summer Beer In India You Must Try Once

11+ Best Summer Beer In India You Must Try Once

When you hear beer word your body gets filled up with joy and excitement. Beer is an alcoholic drink that is made of fermented yeast which is a malt flavoured with hops. Drinking beer is common and very famous among today’s youngsters and it is used to celebrate happiness. It’s not just a drink but cures many diseases but like you, too much of anything always leads to harm. After huge research, we came forward to serve you some most famous and best beer brands in India that are widely used by Indian people.


It is considered the most famous beer brand in India and is suggested by 7 out of 10 people. The slogan ‘king of good times’ proves it very well. It has a very refreshing and lite taste and is loved by many beer lovers. The taste is a little bitter but once it goes down with some salted peanuts it tastes just amazing.

It has a very smooth flow and comes in many variants like kingfisher premium(4.8% alcohol), kingfisher strong (8% alcohol), kingfisher ultra(5% alcohol) and kingfisher blue(8% alcohol). The price range starts from 65rs and hours up to 200 rs per beer. It is one of the best-selling beers in India.


Budweiser is again one of the -selling beers in India and will never disappoint you in its taste and quality. It is a mild beer and again very popular among the Indians. It is one of those beers which is preferred by m of being fans. The beer comes in two variants one is Budweiser premium with 5% alcohol and the other is Budweiser Magnum 6% alcohol which is on the bucket list of strong drinkers. It has a little sweet and bitter flavour but is one of the premium beers you must taste. It is perfect for any occasion or some casual parties.


When we are talking about beers how can we forget Tuborg? If you are not a strong drinker then this is best for you as Tuborg green contains 4.8% alcohol. It is a bottom-fermented lager beer with a perfect balance of aroma in grains and flowers. The price is very pocket friendly and the stronger version of this beer comes with nearly 8% alcohol. It stands on number 1 in international beer brands and number 2 in Indian beer brands. 


It is considered probably the best beer in the world due to its rich flavours and unique taste. The beer has mildly bitter but its smoothness can’t be matched. It is one of those premium beers which is chosen by many specialists and beer lovers. It comes in both string and mild variants, Carlsberg Elephant string premium beer with 7% alcohol and Carlsberg Smith with 5% alcohol. Widely chosen for different occasions and hangouts.


If we are talking about premium beers how can we forget the most famous beer Corona with a nice refreshing and smooth taste? It’s for those who don’t like the bitter taste of beer with a sweet taste. It’s best for beach parties in summers with h lite alcohol amounts of just 3.8% but it’s a bit costlier than other brands but yes once you taste it you’ll not regret it.


Though it entered late in the Indian market took place in peoples heart starts chosen one of the best beers in India. Its mild bitter and spicy taste makes it more special and unique and trusted by many beer lovers. Gulping this with some chips and salad makes its taste more unique. It comes in many variants like Bira blonde (5% alcohol), bira white (5%), bira light (4%), Bira Pale Ale(7%) alcohol level.

White owl

The beer offers a wide range of flavours and is one of those craft beers which is highly recommended by beer enthusiasts. The taste of this beer is just wow like its names Torpedo, Shadow, Halcyon, Diablo and many more. It has some spark in it and charger you with one sip. The average level of alcohol amount is nearly 4-5% but it’s a bit costly.


This beer is loved by many Indians due to its taste and freshness. If you are strong and bitter beer lovers then this is made for you. It comes in two hard variants foster premium and foster strong lager beer with a 9% alcohol level. It is specially made for hard and dark beer lovers but mixed with some sweet flavours.


This beer is not found easily but it had made its audience very large in the Indian markets. Asking with pocket-friendly prices it offers a bit of string taste which is kinda different from other beers and that’s what makes it special. When served chilled with some ice cubes its taste becomes rich and it goes down smoothly in every single sip. It comes in lesser variants and contains nearly 5-6% alcohol.


This craft beer is famous asking more than 70 countries and has a perfect balance of all the rich flavours. It has a different and unique fruity flavour mixed with the perfect amount of sweetness which makes it an ideal drink. The best way to gulp this beer is with some Chinese dishes or with salads which makes it tastier.


It is a Belgian craft beer which is introduced in Indian markets recently but made its position rapidly. This beer is considered one of the most delicious beers in India and in other countries also you’ll ever taste it with the perfect blend of wheat, barley, orange peels, coriander seeds and different spices. It also became famous due to its unique and amazing bottle style which makes it cooler to hold in your hand and enjoy it on a sunny day with some mouthwatering snacks.

Haywards 500

This beer is most famous among strong drinkers with about 7% alcohol and is one of the highest selling beers in India. You must taste it once in your life. It is one of the options in strong beers and has a different taste.

The above written are some of the very famous and easily available best beer brands in India but some states have their brands whittling to a particular area or a state but are popular among the locals and other people. There are other brands also which are very famous in the Indian alcohol market and you can give a try to any of them. Some are bitter, some are sweet, some are harder but some are litre and only this makes their taste unique and flavorful. But remember one thing excess consumption in anything leads to harm.

Consumption of Alcohol is injuries to health, drink responsibly

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