10 Unique and Exciting Things To Must Do In Mumbai

10 Unique and Exciting Things To Must Do In Mumbai

Mumbai- ‘The city of dreams’ located on the Indian West coast is full of fun and exciting things. From seeing wildlife to enjoying beautiful beaches, Mumbai offers you everything. Whether it is a family vacation or a friends weekend trip, Mumbai is an ideal destination. The list of things to do in Mumbai is endless, but we came to you with some unique and exciting things to do.

You can visit religious places for attaining peace or can spend a fun and exciting day at the Imagica theme park. Or just relax with your loved one at Marine drive. You’ll get bored with shopping, food tours, doing exciting activities and exploring the beautiful places. Let’s explore some of the best and unique things to must do in Mumbai.

Things To Do In Mumbai

Visit Elephanta Caves

Spending a day at Elephanta Caves tops the list of things to do in Mumbai which is a collection of temples that is related to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. This wonderful piece of architecture is spread over an area of60,000 sq ft. There are incredibly beautiful rock-cut caves depicted to Lord Shiva and one can reach only by ferries.

This place will give you one peace and fill your heart with divinity. The main popular sculptures of the Elephanta Caves are Maheshmurti, Nataraja and Ardhnarishvara. After seeing the beauty, you can also trek to cannon hills or stroll on the island.
The entry fees for visiting caves is just 10 rs for Indians and 250 for foreigners.

Helicopter ride

How about a city tour from birds-eye view? Mumbai offers its visitors a helicopter ride to enjoy the city views. You can have a look at its prime locations like Gateway is India, Elephanta Caves, and many more amazing tourist destinations. Riding in a helicopter sitting next to a pilot is one of the most amazing and exciting things to do in Mumbai.

You’ll get to enjoy amazing panoramic views and enjoy the city at its best. Also, you’ll get to see the views of the blue ocean and city slums along with green patches and beautiful hills.
The ride of the city starts from INR 8000 per person and the price varies.

Visit the Red carpet Wax museum

Want to meet some Bollywood and Hollywood stars and click a selfie with them? Then you must visit this wax museum that introduces you to the wax models of celebrities that look absolutely real. The museum is located in the R city mall and is an ideal place to spend some great time.

The statue of Barack Obama, Micheal Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein and many other celebrities are there. This place can be visited by any age group and they’ll always find it unique and attractive.
The price of tickets starts from INR 250.

Take a kayaking ride

The kayaking ride in Mumbai Congress under one of the best things to do in Mumbai and is one of the adventurous activities. Doing kayaking in Mumbai is a very peaceful activity and removes all your stress while you paddle through the blue water bodies.

You’ll not require any experience and can be easily done by anyone. Although there are clubs which teach you to do so, you must try kayaking once in Mumbai. There are numerous locations for doing this activity and some of them are Pawna, Mandwa, Kundalika, Kolad and many others.
The price range for kayaking starts from INR 1200 onwards.

Asia’s largest slum tour

Visiting a slum might not sound good to some people but visiting the Dharavi slum in Mumbai is one of the must things to do in Mumbai. Dharavi is said the largest slum and home to millions of local people of Mumbai. While strolling through the small streets of slums you’ll get to see people doing small businesses.

People do pottery, recycling, embroidery, bakery works, soap making and uncountable activities. This slum is termed as heart and soul of the city and is a prime tourist destination. Many people want to see this slum and explore its uniqueness. There are no entry fees and no timings to enter the slum area.

Taste the street food

The one who went to Mumbai can’t stop itself from tasting the delicious street food of Mumbai. The most famous Street food item is Vada Pav and Misal pav which is made with local flavours and is a traditional food item. It is a signature dish for Mumbaikars and you can also try authentic bhelpuri at Juhu Chowpatty. For testing some best non-veg items, visit Minara masjid streets and Behndi Bazaar.

These streets offer you the best meat items and that to mouthwatering. You can also visit Khau Galis which are widely famous for their unique and delicious food items. There is a huge variety of Street food items to try in Mumbai and if you are a foodie then you must visit all the places.

Romantic dinner on a cruise

If you are travelling with your better half or on a honeymoon then you must enjoy a romantic dinner on the cruise. The yacht cruises asking the shoes of the beautiful Arabian sea while you enjoy a delicious meal with your loved one. Date night on a cruise is one of the best things to do in Mumbai for couples. You can book your Cordelia cruise package here.

Just romance with your love with style wine in your hand and enjoying the beautiful views feeling the cool breeze. You’ll escape from the busy world and spend some romantic time with your better half. Live every moment in that two hours ride with your love and relishing a good meal with cosy vibes.

Visit escape rooms

Want to challenge your friends and solve some puzzles to escape from a different world? Then you must head to fun and exciting Escape Game Rooms in Mumbai and play some games. You’ll get locked in a themed room and given some clues which you have to solve and get out of that room.

You can choose from a wide variety of themes and it is a reality game. The most famous activities are Bank heist, Illuminati, Prison Break along with many others. You’ll be provided with proper costumes and gears and instructed before going in. The escape room is located in Andheri West in Durolite house and the price starts from INR 899 and varies accordingly.

Go for Mumbai Darshan

You can explore prime attractions of Mumbai very easily and cheap in public buses. Double-decker buses are running in Mumbai which is famous for Mumbai Darshan and covers all prime locations. The bus will take you to Gateway of India, bungalows of Sharukh, Salman and Amitabh Bachchan, holy temples, and many more places.

You can enjoy the delicious food while travelling around the city. Riding in double-decker buses for doing Mumbai Darshan is one of the best things to do in Mumbai and everyone must try it. It is a cheaper way to travel to Mumbai and have fun.

Tour to Mumbai Film City

How can you miss visiting film City on your to Mumbai? The city is spread over 520 acres of area and is a prime location for almost every movie you see. You can tour through the city and if you are lucky you can get a glimpse of style Bollywood actors and celebrities.

You can watch shooting here and can pay a visit to different sets and studios. Visiting Mumbai Film City has a special place on the list of things to do in Mumbai. You’ll witness beautiful locations and get to know some facts about how a movie or a show is made. The cost of touring starts from just INR 600rs and goes on.

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