10 Must Places to visit in Gangtok, Sikkim Tourism, Stunning Places

10 Must Places to visit in Gangtok, Sikkim Tourism, Stunning Places

Gangtok is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in North India with breathtaking views and and sightseeings. There are a huge number of places to visit in Gangtok with a stunning environment and eye-soothing views. It is a mesmerising destination and capital of Sikkim. The city is surrounded by rich flora and fauna. You can do various adventurous activities and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

It is one among the perfect destinations to plan a trip or holiday with your family and friends. The place will offer you spectacular views during the autumn season and September to October is the best time to visit this place. It has numerous forests, religious monasteries, and many more rivers and waterfalls can be seen.

The place is located in Sikkim Himalayas. It is one of the most beautiful places and Gangtok is the most visited place by tourists also.

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Places to visit in Gangtok

Tsomgo Lake

This lake is the best attraction of the city and is like a glacial lake situated at a height of 12,300 ft above sea level. You must add this lake to your itinerary for places to visit in Gangtok. You’ll see the shadows of icy mountains in the blue water of the lake which makes it a spectacular sight for a great visit. In winters, the lake gets frozen completely and when the snow melts the water gets collected in the lake.

It is just 40 km away from Gangtok city and is a must-visit place in Gangtok. It is also a saying that it is a holy lake and the local people worship it. You can spend a full day here and you can also ride on a yak or can do ice skating in winters here. The area has some traditional food stalls to provide you with the best and delicious food items.

Nathu La Pass

This pass comes under the highest motorable roads in the world situated at 14,500 feet above sea level. It is a traditional road that was the earlier silk route for India and Tibet. The place is full of natural beauty and mesmerising scenic views from which you can’t take your eyes off. The place only opens from Wednesday to Sunday and permission is required to pass this route.

The whole road covers in snow in winters and in summers you can do hiking or can enjoy the views by driving on the pass. The place has two major attractions, one is Gnathang War Memorial and The Gnathang Monastery and you must visit these two places in your visit to Gangtok.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

These waterfalls are one of the most awe-inspiring and picturesque waterfalls in Gangtok to which you must pay a visit once. As the name represents, there are seven waterfalls separated from each other and flow side by side and then merge into one waterfall. There are cafeterias nearby where you can have delicious food and spend some time in peace and enjoy the sightseeing.

The waterfalls are nearly about 32-34 km away from the main city. The place gets crowded in the rainy season as the water flows with full power and looks more beautiful. The best time for seven sisters is from May to July and is one the best places to visit in Gangtok.

See Kanchenjunga Mountains

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain peak in the world and you can see the magnificent mountain from Gangtok. Tashi and Singhik viewpoints are considered as best for setting the peak and taking some best pictures. You can see the views and sit there to spend some time in peace.

You can also visit Kanchenjunga National Park to ecotone some wildlife and have a look at the mountains from close. The place looks more beautiful when you reach before sunrise or sunset to enjoy the best views. Visiting from April to May can be said the best time to visit these peaks.

Do Drul Chorten Stupa

Want to spend some time in peace and serenity? Then you must visit this place in Gangtok to attain peace and enjoy yourself in a less crowded place. The main attraction is 108 prayer wheels or Mani Lhakor of Buddhism religion and it is believed that they fulfil your wish.

It is one of the midst beautiful Chorten present in Sikkim and gives you one the best views of the mountains from the top. Also, you can sit and meditate here to relax your mind in a calm and cool atmosphere. You’ll feel refreshed after listening to prayers and enjoying the vibes of this beautiful place. The Chorten is open from 8 Am to 6 pm.

You can also visit Rumtek Monastery which is also very beautiful and have the same qualities.

Himalayan Zoological Park

To enjoy some natural beauty and wildlife you must visit this Zoological park to see and explore different varieties of flora and fauna. You’ll get to see amazing animals like Red pandas, black bears, leopards, deers and much more. From the zoo, you can see the views of Mount Kanchenjunga and is one of the best places to visit in Gangtok with children.

It’s just 7 km away from the city and is a must-visit destination. The entrance is opposite to famous temple Ganesh Tok which is another famous tourist site to explore. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and offers a perfect view of many mountain peaks including Kanchenjunga.

Rumtek Monastery

This heritage and the religious site comes under the list of culturally significant monasteries in Gangtok. The monastery is a three-floored Tibetan gompa style building and is one of the best places to visit in Gangtok. The monastery is famous for its architecture and is Buddhism history and offers you amazing views of the Gangtok valleys.

It belongs to the Buddhist section called Kagyu who started to live in the 12th century in Tibet. You can do activities like hiking down from the monastery and sirens some peaceful time at the divine monastery. You’ll get to see huge and beautiful wall paintings and you can offer prayers in the hall.

The Rumtek Monastery is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

Khecheopalri Lake

The lake comes under the list of best places to visit in Gangtok and is one of the holy places of Gangtok. It is a very beautiful destination to spend time with your loved ones and you can also feel some religious vibes. On another side, if you can visit in October, you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful festival organised every year near the lake.

The ambience of this place is just wow and is said to be must enjoy once. It is located at an elevation of 6000 ft above sea level and also you can enjoy a trekking experience near the lake. You can also pay a visit to Lepcha village to see a glimpse of the rich culture and tradition of Sikkimese and Gangtok.

Lal Bazaar

When you visit a new place it is a must to shop for some of the best and signature items of that place. Lal Bazaar is the most famous bazaar in Gangtok and is an ideal place for shopping for some amazing traditional pieces of stuff. You can grab some beautiful pottery items, some traditional knives, prayer flags and many more unique kinds of stuff.

The best time to visit this bazaar is on Sunday as local ethnic groups from the different villages gather there. Also, you can buy articles from them and you can enjoy the beautiful and colourful vibes of the bazaar.

There are a huge number of places you can visit in Gangtok and not getting bored. Also, there are numerous monasteries you can explore and offer prayers. Banjhakri falls, Yumthang valley, tinkitam, Ganesh Tok, hanuman tok and various other places come under the list of best places to visit in Gangtok.

You’ll not get bored after visiting Gangtok and after visit different places you’ll get a different experience. The list is endless and Gangtok is full of unexplored places also. If you do not want to visit these places, you can find your way and explore some different beautiful places.

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